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Shani 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| You reap what you sow hinting that you write your destiny yourself. Shani teaches that if one has pure intentions and does good deeds then all his problems vanish. He gets happiness in end after all. ||

Shani says you haven’t gotten your punishment yet Sanghya. He invokes his weapon and turns to her. I give Karamfal. Good deeds bring in good results and bad deeds bring in bad results. You will have to pay the price of this sin at the right time! You may get to many Loka’s and years will pass but neither your Karma nor Karamfaldata will stop following you. Leave before I ignore Tridev and become your Mrityudata and kill you before it is time! She scurries off.

Chhaya moves. Shani turns to look at her. Narayan wonders how it happened. Mahadev calls it impossible. The baby inside Chhaya has absorbed her entire poison. A blue ball appears in Shani’s hand. Shani leans closer to his mother. She whispers to him to protect (the baby). Indra Dev warns Shani to be careful. You are holding the Halahal which was inside Devi Chhaya. She is free from it luckily. Put it back in the well. Shani advances towards the edge of the well. His mother’s words stop him from doing so. This was poison before entering my mother’s body but it isn’t poison anymore as I would have been dead then. It dint happen as this is my mother’s energy. I will protect it. He retreats. Indra Dev tells him not to act fool. The power which is made from Halahal can be extremely dangerous. Yu don’t understand. We must finish this power before it kills us! Throw it back. Shani declines. My mother told me to protect it and I will do it. Devraj requests Surya Dev to explain to Shani. It is very important to destroy this energy. Hanuman walks up to Shani. The ball of energy turns in a baby girl shocking Tridev. Shani says I said it was my mother’s power, her energy. This is why she told me to protect her. Fate saved my mother from losing her baby. I became a brother. He shows the baby girl to Surya Dev who is also overwhelmed. Chhaya gains conscious and takes Shani’s name.

Shani shows her his sister. She smiles as she caresses the baby’s head. Mahadev disappears. Shani is puzzled. Brahma Dev and Narayan also disappear. Shani tells Indra Dev that even Halahal becomes positive after coming in contact with my mother. This isn’t a negative energy. It brought my mother back to life. Hanuman asks Indra Dev if he understood. Surya Dev advises everyone to head to Surya Loka. It is time to celebrate!

Mahadev does Tandava. Brahma Dev says Mahadev seems angry. This act indicates as something ominous. Narayan says I only know I have seen him disturbed after a long time. Brahma Dev suggests asking Mahadev about it but Narayan tells him against it. It is his sadhna, his Samadhi. Even I cannot take the risk of breaking it. We will wait for the time when Mahadev would decide to tell us!

Shani sings a lullaby for his sister. Chhaya turns to Yam and Yami. No one can understand your pain better than me. I have sung this lullaby for you for years. Devi Sanghya isn’t here but don’t feel you are alone. I always was and would always remain your mother. She hugs them. Yam nods. You were always our mother. Yami adds that this is why they dint even think for a second and broke all ties with Devi Sanghya. We know you will protect us from every problem. Dev Vishwakarma points out that they are grown up now. Chhaya says kids never grow up for a mother. He nods. Elder siblings have to grow up for younger siblings. Yam and Yami have a younger sister now. She will get a name now. You (Chhaya) cannot go out now. Who will make the preps then? Yam assures him everyone will remember the ritual. Yami takes charge of decor. Yam offers to take care of the guests. We will see who does his or her work best. Yami agrees. They go out to do the work. Dev Vishwakarma asks shani if he wont help in the rpeps. Shani says I will do my karma. I promised to protect my sister. I wont move away from her for even a second. My mother gave birth to this baby but her brother would be her protector.

Devraj thinks something is surely up. How Halahal dint affect the baby? I must find out what it is. I will have to become the old Indra to find out the secret behind this. He wears his crown. It is time for Devraj Indra to enter in the story of Shani’s sister’s life.

Shani keeps talking to his sister. I will make sure no hindrance comes in your sleep. I had no one when I was born. I was raised alone. Ma used to come at night and used to leave in morning. I had to bear Yam’s indifference when I came here. I wont let you go through the same. I will protect you like a brother; play with you like a friend and even scold you as a father when you will play too much and create mess. Some of it will be allowed though, just as it is allowed to Kakol and Hanuman. You are going to get a name. Rest assured. I wont let any problem come in your life.

Chhaya asks Shani what he was saying to his sister. He replies that he was sharing his dreams with her. She too will be the apple of my eye just like I am yours. I will take her to Kailash so Mahadev can bless her. She asks him what if he wont bless her.

Mahadev is still doing Tandava.

Shani says it will be so peaceful when my sister will hold my hand and I will teach her how to walk; or when she will look at me with her little eyes. He realises his sister hasn’t opened her eyes till now. He cajoles her to open her eyes. She opens her eyes just then. A strong wind blows.

Mahadev finishes his Tandava.


Shani 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahadev says whatever be her name, she will destroy the happiness of entire world has arisen. It will very soon destroy everything!

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