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Shani 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Bad situations are not in our control. Shani teaches one how to come out of such situations on his own. ||

Epi begins with Simhika telling Shani to face her fighters in order to find his mother. He is shocked to see his mother standing against him, ready to attack him with tear in her eyes. Simhika tells him to fight back. Shani gets his weapon with a heavy heart. Simhika gives him his next answer – her enmity with him. I am the mother of the one whom you hurt. Now I will answer your first question. I am Hiranyakashyapa’s daughter, Simhika. I am Rahu and Ketu’s mother. Why did you stop? Fight with my soldier. Shani demands to know why she did this to his mother.

Simhika knows how big love towards a mother is. One feels pained when his or her mother is in trouble. Similarly, a mother is pained to see her kids in trouble. I experienced something similar when you hurt my son. Rahu and Ketu join them. Simhika tells Shani not to be angry. Anger takes away our conscience and then it makes us do wrong things, just the way you treated my sons. Shani reasons it was Rahu’s Karamfal. She tells him that now he will get his Karamfal. You are Karamfaldata. Understand that the results of your karmas come before you sooner or later. You must be wondering why your mother is standing against you with a weapon? I will explain. Your mother’s shadow is under my control. She is my puppet now. She will speak only when I would want her to. She frees Chhaya’s voice. Chhaya tells Shani to not pay heed to Simhika’s words but Simhika makes her mute once again.

Simhika adds that Chhaya would stop talking when she would want her to. I warn you yet again. Keep your anger in check or. She makes Chhaya hold the sword against her own neck. Shani panics. He warns Simhika not to cross the limits. Don’t do anything because of which I will have to turn into Dandnayak! She advises him to go to Tridev to seek help. They wont be able to do anything as Brahma Dev has blessed me with this boon. No one can help now. You keep telling everyone to come on the right path or you will bring them on the right path! I am giving you two options now – either fight your mother or listen to whatever I will say to free her. If you choose the second option then you will have to first drop your weapon on the floor. Chhaya shakes her head at Shani. Simhika walks up to her. You must be pained to see him helpless. I will give you one chance to get him out of this dilemma. Tell your son to surrender to me. She frees Chhaya’s voice. Chhaya refuses to tell Shani to move away from his Karamfal. You can kill me if you wish to. Simhika says I don’t love shedding blood. Who said I will kill you? I have a better solution. She makes Chhaya walk towards Shani. Chhaya shouts against it.

Kakol and Hanuman return to Surya Loka sadly. Kakol says Shani has never disappeared before. Hanuman is sure something is up. Shani thought it was better to leave us alone. Where would he be right now?

Chhaya asks Shani to attack her. Save yourself from me. Shani is in a fix. She helplessly walks towards him with the sword. She keeps shouting at him to attack her. He outright refuses to hurt her. Chhaya is crying. She ends up hurting Shani. Please don’t make me do this Simhika! Rahu, Ketu and Simhika enjoy seeing it. Simhika mocks her. I am disappointed with Shani though. I thought you love your mother. How can you see your mother in pain when you proclaim to love her so much? I would have surrendered if I was in your place. Shani kneels down before his mother and keeps his weapon on the floor.

Brahma Dev blames himself. If I hadn’t blessed her with that boon then Karamfaldata wouldn’t have to bend down before her. Can you not do anything Mahadev? Mahadev replies that sometimes it is the best help to leave someone helpless. When you cannot find help from outside, you wake your conscience / powers. Father lets go of a kid’s finger so as to let him walk or fall. It would be better for us to keep quiet at this time. Narayan says your answer is right but Shani is in the biggest trouble of his lifetime right now. Mahadev reasons that problems are sometimes the best teachers. This situation will also help us analyse if our choice of Shani as Karamfaldata was not wrong.

Shani gives third option to Simhika to free his mother. Don’t play with me or you would face my punishment. Simhika knows it too well. You have only one option left now. I am sure the task wont be difficult for you. Break Sanghya’s statue. Chhaya will be free the moment it happens. Shani shakes his head in disbelief. I cannot do it! Simhika says you are not doing it for the first time. You attacked Sanghya earlier also for your mother’s sake. You hit her once when your mother was no more. Wont you do it again to save your mother this time? Shani knows she isn’t making him do this so his mother is freed. There is some other motive behind it. She is impressed with his answer. I will give you third choice – bring Hanuman’s mother to me. I promise I will free your mother’s shadow the moment I will get hold of her Chhaya. You have time till sunrise for the same.

Simhika instructs Ketu to take Chhaya to her prison safely. Ketu drags her using his powers. Simhika turns to Shani. I have heard you are Tridev’s weapon. You bent so many people before you. Now it is time to bend their own creation! Shani tells her to remember that leg gets hurt when you put your leg on sword or vice versa. She gets tensed for a moment. Shani leaves.

Rahu asks his mother why she let Shani go. She calls him fool. I will also get Hanuman under my control this way. I plan to get Shani killed using the same Chakra which beheaded my son. It will reach me with Shani’s help only!


Shani 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simhika looks at the time. Hanuman and Shani will be under my control soon. Dev Vishwakarma tells everyone about Sanghya’s condition.

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