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Shani 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Shani teaches that we cannot ascertain anyone’s character on the basis of his nature. ||

Shani 8th December 2017 Episode start with Kakol shouts after the bird to leave Dhamini but in vain. Dhamini shouts for help from kakol. Try to fly. You can fly. Save me from this bird! Kakol looks at his shoulders helplessly. Dhamini keeps encouraging him to try. You can do it. She tries freeing herself from the bird. On the other hand, she also keeps telling Kakol to have faith in himself. You can do it.

Kakol reaches the edge of the mountain and stops himself. He thinks of Shani’s words. Shani was right. I should keep trying. I should use my willpower. I will even sacrifice my life if I have to today to save Dhamini Devi!

Dhamini tells the bird to let her go.

Kakol jumps off the mountain in an attempt to fly. He starts flapping his hands all along. Dhamini looks scared.

Mangal tells Devraj he dint chose the right person to kidnap Dhamini. Are you aware of the consequences? She is not just an ordinary Gandharva lady but the daughter of King of Gandharva’s. She is the guest of Surya Loka right now. Devi Chhaya has called her her daughter. If Surya Dev and Devi Chhaya find out about it then it will be a problem! Devraj explains that this is his only intention. I want to kill 2 birds with one stone. I will complete my revenge by bringing Dhamini to Indra Loka. Devraj vows to blame Shani for everything! His character will be stained. This entire incident will appear to be the Shani’s plot. Whenever Kupan will bring her here, Devi Chhaya, Surya Dev and entire Gandharva’s will protest against Shani.

Shani is shown running towards the edge of the same mountain from where Kakol has jumped. He too jumps down. Kakol notices it and smiles. Shani tells him that our mission is important. We can achieve it if we focus on it. He keeps his hand on kakol’s shoulder. Magic happens. Kakol feels energised once again and looks at Shani.

Dhamini continues her attempts to free herself. Kupan tells her not to try fighting with him. No one will protect you here. She notices Shani coming towards her and shouts after him. Shani tells Kakol to focus. Kupan lets go of Dhamini. She continues to shout for help from Shani as she begins to fall. Shani has jumped off Kakol. Kakol is headed towards Kupan. Dhamini ends up on a tree’s branch. Shani lands on top of it too.

Kakol beats Kupan.

Shani keeps looking at Dhamini. She looks down scared. He says when both the problem and support are before you then you must not look at the problem. You will be saved then. Don’t look down. Look at me. Look into my eyes. She fixes her gaze on him. Shani begins to walk towards him.

Kupan and Kakol continue to fight with each other. Kakol tells him he wont let him create any hindrance in Shani’s path.

Dhamini is unable to hold onto the branch any longer.

Kupan hits Kakol on his head. Kakol looks at Shani and Dhamini. He shouts his name when Kupan hits him from behind. Kupan turns into his bird avatar again. Dhamini loses her grip but Shani holds her hand just then. She looks at him emotionally. Shani looks up at Kupan who is headed towards them only. Dhamini keeps her other hand on Shani’s as well. He lifts her up. They come up safely on the branch. He attacks Kupan who misses it. Dhamini loosens her grip from Shani’s hand but he holds her from the waist and brings her down on the ground.

Kupan comes in his human avatar. Shani walks up to him. They both engage in a fight. Shani beats him and demands to know who has sent him here. What is your intention behind coming here? Kupan frees himself but is beaten again by Shani. If you don’t tell soon then the consequences can be dangerous. Kupan’s anger is at its peak but he obviously cannot stand before Shani. Shani twists his hand. Kupan shouts in pain. Shani advises him to fly back to his master if he does not wish to answer him. Tell him all his plans will be foiled till the time I am here! Kupan runs away.

Dhamini asks Shani who that bird was. Why did he attack me? Shani replies that he does not know till now. I will find out soon though.

Narayan says seems like Devi Parvati’s blessing to Shani will come true soon. Shani will get his Shakti soon.

Shani tells Dhamini she is safe now. Be careful before you step out of Surya loka next time as it is necessary that he will be around her that time. One must face their problems on their own. She replies that one needs encouragement and love after going through some problem but you are making me feel as if I invited this trouble upon myself intentionally. Pardon me as you had to take all this trouble because of me. If you cannot sympathise with me then atleast don’t blame me. She notices him looking at the tree. What are you looking at? He shares that she looked better when she was hanging on that tree’s branch. She walks away upset.

Devraj hits Kupan. You want me to praise you after being defeated by Shani? You dint take my name before him. You want credit for this? You deserve something else. He takes his sword. Kupan begins to hit himself. Devraj asks him what he is doing. Kupan says I was away from you for some time and you changed so much. You never do this Devraj. Rahu steps forward. You have always tried to fight without the weapons. Why did you pick up a weapon today? Devraj throws his sword away. Rahu says seems like you lost your patience because of Mangal’s presence around you. His presence will invoke anger and impatience on everyone. You are Devraj Indra. You use plans / strategies to defeat your opponent.

Narayan remarks that Indra, Mangal and Rahu are together after Grah-Yuddha. A big trap will be laid but this time the target will be Dhamini. Mahadev calls it destiny. Positivity will decrease as we will inch closer to the new Yuga. Negativity will increase which will only inculcate negative feelings in people.

Kakol stops Shani. If you have to walk even when I am around then I will be useless. Shani smiles. Do you now realise that our willpower is our biggest strength. Your decision to save Dhamini is what motivated you fly. I dint do anything, neither today nor ever before! Kakol nods happily. I was mad to mistake you as my friend when you are my Aradhya. He kneels down before Shani who stops him from doing so. Kakol gets emotional. I know you wont let me touch your feet as you wish to hug me in reality. He hugs Shani who hugs him back happily.


Shani 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : On one hand, Dhamini’s feelings towards Shani are increasing. On the other hand, Surya Dev insults Chitrarath. Shani takes responsibility in arranging Swayamvar for Dhamini. I will get her married in a bigger Kula than Surya lineage.

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