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Shani 8th February 2017 Written Update


Shani 8th February 2017 Written Update and Shani 8th February 2017 video watch online

Epi begins with Shani saying now I will destroy the world that snatched my mother from me!

Brahma Dev and Lord Vishnu request Mahadev to stop Shani or the world will be destroyed.

Shani angrily shouts maata! A magical circle of energy forms around him. Earth begins to shake. Chhaya’s shadow falls on Shani because of which he eventually calms down. He begins to head quietly / sadly towards the door.

Surya Dev tells Shani to have patience. Everything will be fine. Shani says nothing can be fine again. You healed my body by joining my leg but my mother was the base of my life, my identity. My identity broke into several pieces after she left. Maybe you also cannot join it all together now. I am not just upset with you but from entire world including Mahadev. How could he take the boon back from mother? Dev Vishwakarma says maybe this is destiny. Shani denies. this isn’t fate but injustice. My mother was the motive of my life, my karma and my everything. I have nothing left now as she isn’t here. From today onwards, I will have no related with Asuras, God, living or any non-living being! Dev Vishwakarma and Shukracharya try to stop him but in vain. Surya Dev calls out to Shani. Don’t go son. Shani stops in his tracks. Shani replies that it is too late. You should have called me son in the beginning of my life. Years ago, you had cursed me and now Surya-patni has cursed me. I don’t trust anyone now which is why I am leaving. Don’t even try looking for me. Like Devi Sanghya said, maybe my birth, my identity is cursed. No one should come near me or that person will be destroyed. Maybe this time even my mother’s Chhaya couldn’t stop me. Surya Dev’s eyes fill up. Kakol extends his hand towards Shani but fails in saying anything. Shani walks out from the Sabha. Only Indra Dev and Sanghya smile.

Lord Vishnu says Mahadev Shani is your creating. He is losing path. Why don’t you try to stop him? Mahadev replies that this wasn’t the right time to break this news to Shani. Shani was created to be stable and do his duty as Karamfaldata. He has lost that. Time will bring a solution as even I have no solution to it at the moment.

Surya Dev asks Dev Vishwakarma what this is. The one who I was thinking to be reckless till date seems to be a source of power. What is it that you are hiding from me? Answer me. Who is Shani? Dev Vishwakarma says it seems like this isn’t the time to hide truth. Shani is the one who we have been waiting for since decades. He is the same source of power who was created by Tridev. Shani is Karamfaldata which is why he punished you for your misdeed. He cast eclipse on you; broke and killed many wrong-doers in the process. It is Shani who is the Karamfaldata of this entire world. Sanghya and everyone are stunned. Surya Dev takes a step back. Karamfaldata? Dev Vishwakarma nods. shani isn’t aware of this as of now. Not just him but everyone will know about this truth at the right time. Surya Dev is in disbelief. I give light to the world but I was in dark. Karamfaldata was born from me yet I dint realise it?

Indra Dev calls it a lie. Shani can never be Karamfaldata. He cannot have such weak eye. It was proved today before everyone that he failed to do justice. He couldn’t look beyond his mother. He cannot be Karamfaldata. Dev Vishwakarma warns him to be careful. You doubt Tridev’s decision? Indra Dev says I am questioning Shani’s decision. What Shani did does not seem valid. I should get my position and throne back. This is justice! Surya Dev says SHani made a mistake. It doesn’t mean you are innocent. I have understood that this incident is happening because of a very important reason. I am certain Shani will return. We only have to wait for him; for his wounds to heal. Indra Dev calls it impossible. He will never return now. Surya Dev says I have full faith on Mahadev’s creation; on my blood; on Karamfaldata’s decision. Shani decided to remove you from your position. You wont get it back ever now. Indra Dev tries to argue but Surya Dev warns him to be careful. There is a reason behind every action. You wont get your post back ever. I am Devraj now. He asks Devrishi to do his abhishek. Sanghya takes the thaal but Surya Dev tells her she has lost this right after what she did today.

Shani walks around blankly. The lullaby echoes in his head. he holds his ears and shouts Ma in pain / anger. It gets dark. Kakol asks him what he has done to himself. Shani wipes his tears. I had warned beforehand that no one should follow me or I will destroy him. Whoever you are, you dint call out to Shani but to your end. Shani turns and sees Kakol (who is in a similar condition like Shani). Shani is surprised to see him here. Kakol says you left me alone. You dint realise I have no one else. I dint want to create any hurdle in your thoughts. My only wish was to be with you. Come with me. There is no pain in the world which cannot heal. You are anyways Surya-putra Shani. Shani says I am only CHhaya-putra Shani. I have no relation with either Surya Loka or any Dev. This is my last decision.

Shani 9th February 2017 Written Update Precap :Indra Dev fills Yam’s ears against Shani. Yam decides to take revenge from Shani. Mahadev says the next era (where there will be only downfall) has begun.

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