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Shani 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

Shani’s Saade- Sati: Those who don’t respect women cannot make a place in Shani’s eyes. Shani’s Saade-Sati brings everyone on the right path.

Shani says Shani’s end was the beginning of Surya Dev’s arrogance and with that coming to an end, something else will begin. A lot is going to happen in Surya loka.

Sanghya shouts at Indra Dev. How dare you blame my husband? You thought I will listen to you and make my husband understand that he is wrong. Indra Dev tried to say something but she does not let him speak. If you utter another word then you will bear the brunt of Surya Dev’s anger. He walks out upset. I wont spare you Shani. You get me insulted every time. I am also mad to always listen to you. Surya Dev calls out to him. Indra Dev gets tensed. Surya Dev demands to know what he is doing here. Indra Dev lies that he came to meet Shani. No, I came here to meet Yami! Surya Dev asks him why he wanted to meet Yami. Indra Dev gets thinking. Why I wanted to meet her! Why can I not meet her? She is so beautiful and well natured. She respects me a lot. You are really lucky to have a daughter like Yami. I agree our relations got a bit bitter but why should I have anything against Yami. I hadn’t seen her since long. I thought to meet her in person and bless her. Our personal differences shouldn’t affect our family relations. This is why I came to meet Yami. He is out of words and takes leave. Surya Dev looks at him.

Yam looks at the sharpness of his sword. Shani joins him. Yam sees his reflection in the sword and gets angry. What are you doing here? Shani says I dint come here for a fight but to congratulate you. I have heard you have made a special place for yourself in war – of killing Asuras. Yam says I too have seen that you got a place for yourself in the Sabha. Devi Sanghya seconds him. Shani got his real place in the end of the Sabha, near the gatekeeper. Yam laughs. Shani says I am satisfied with what I got. But it is strange that Yam dint got the place which he actually deserves. Yam and Devi Sanghya are taken aback. Devi Sanghya asks him what he means. Shani says Devraj Surya did his job but father Surya missed his duty. She asks him to be clear. Shani asks Devi Sanghya if she doesn’t feel Yam deserves to be made the advisor instead of Chandra Dev. Yam says father can never take a wrong decision. Chandra Dev is elder to me in age and experience. Shani reasons that karmas make someone big. No one can do bigger karmas than Dharmaraj. His words get both Yam and his mother thinking. Shani observes the same. You (Yam) got your position because of your karmas but you dint get the respect you deserve as Devraj’s son. Shani leaves from there with a smile on his face. Devi Sanghya looks tensed.

Yami chases a butterfly in the garden. She is pleasantly surprised to see her father there and hugs hi. He asks her if she is fine. She nods. Nothing can happen to me till you are here. Chandra Dev realises that Yami is Surya Dev’s weakness. I know how to make use of someone else’s weaknesses. Yami points at the butterfly. She is so beautiful. Surya Dev stops her. Did Indra Dev come to meet you today? She denies. I haven’t seen him since a long time. Surya Dev understands that Indra Dev lied to him.

Surya dev wonders why Indra Dev came here. Chandra Dev suggests that he might be keeping an eye on him. surya Dev says he lost his position and throne but he dint stop being pokey. He will have to bear the consequence of what he has done. Devi Sanghya calls out to Surya Dev. Chandra Dev greets her but she does not reply. She wishes to speak to Surya Dev alone. Surya Dev says I trust Chandra Dev. We can talk in front of him. She agrees. Answer me in his presence then. When Yam has been chosen as Dharmaraj and has proved himself then why did you use Chandra Dev for the position of your advisor? Surya Dev calls Yam a kid. She reasons that no one doubted Yam or Shani because of their age while giving them higher positions then why does a father not trust his son. Surya Dev says no one has a right to question Devraj’s decision. Sanghya reasons that she has the right. I am your wife. He reminds her to be his wife only. Don’t try to be my owner. Sanghya tells him he has changed since Chandra Dev has come on his side. Surya Dev tells him to be quiet. Yam counters him saying that right questions don’t allow you to be quiet. You are Surya Dev. You have your own warmth. The one who doesn’t have his own light or warmth can never give you the right opinion. Surya Dev raises his hand when Yami asks him to stop. You were about to hit brother for Chandra Dev? What has happened to you? You weren’t like this earlier. Sanghya reasons that his decision is wrong when everyone is against him. You have to choose who you will support now – Chandra Dev or your family! Chandra Dev says Surya Dev is like a father figure to me. I don’t want any animosity in your family because of me. I am ready to give you this position Yam. I am sure you deserve it. Surya Dev insists that the decision is in hands as to who deserves what. I still say that Chandra Dev only will be my advisor. If anyone is against my decision then. Sanghya adds that that person can leave Surya Loka just like my father was forced to. He was right that the throne has made you blind. You don’t care about your family anymore. You can enjoy your position. I am going to my father’s home with my kids!

Surya Dev cannot understand why Sanghya did so. My wife, my kids left me alone. Chandra Dev acts before him. Its happening only because of me. I will leave right away if that can bring your family back. Surya Dev stops him. My family left me. You don’t leave me. I planned to defeat Asuras on the basis of your support. promise me you wont leave me. Chandra Dev smirks and promises him. Surya Dev looks at Shani who is constantly staring at him. Chandra Dev follows his gaze. Surya Dev asks Shani why he is staring at him. Shani reminds him of his promise earlier. I can keep eye on you always as I have to learn from you. I am surprised today as to how you are still bent upon your decision by sacrificing your family. Surya Dev says not I but they left me. Shani replies that nothing is hidden from him. I saw how you shrugged them away. Chandra Dev offers to explain but Shani tells him off. Stay away from this matter. It is between us two. It will be better if you wont interfere.


Shani 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Surya Dev announces to marry Yami to Chandra Dev. Shani opposes his decision.

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