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Shani 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| The one who is deeply attached to his loved ones has to live under fear and worries. Shani teaches that attachment is the sole reason of all problems as extreme attachment becomes the reason for unbearable pain. ||

Shani cajoles his to open her eyes. She opens her eyes just then. Entire room turns dark. A strong wind blows.

Mahadev finishes his Tandava. Brahma Dev asks him why he looks worried. Mahadev says it is because the power which will end the happiness of entire world is awake now. It will very soon destroy everything! Brahma Dev suggests putting an end to the problem before it even surfaces. Mahadev replies that it wont do anything as this time they cannot stop that power in any way.

Chhaya wonders what this hints at. Shani says I told you it is only our karmas. There is nothing called inauspicious. She insists she can feel it. It isn’t natural for the changes to occur the moment the girl opened her eyes. Shani says she is my sister. You remember how I cast an eclipse on Surya Dev and put the entire world in dark? Maybe she is pointing out at the fact that she will follow my footsteps. Chhaya says what if darkness comes in her life ever. Shani assures her he will bring light in her world then.

Devraj thinks the girl dint take birth at the right time. I would have to meet Surya Dev and explain o him that the girl can be really dangerous for everyone. She was born from Halahal only. He stumbles in his step because of Hanuman’s tail. Hanuman asks him how come he is here. Celebrations haven’t started yet and you are already here for food? Devraj says I came for an important discussion. Hanuman asks him if he is hinting at Mata Chhaya’s daughter. Remember that Shani, Ganesha and I are always ready to protect our sister. Surya Dev notices him there.

Devraj tells Surya Dev that the girl will only bring problems for everyone in future. She has Halahal inside her. Surya Dev reminds him he is speaking of his daughter. Devraj tries explaining but Surya Dev warns him to
Maybe Hanuman was right. You have turned mad because of Halahal. He again does not let him speak. You are welcome if you want to be a part of the celebrations or I am sure you would have a lot to do in Indra Loka too. Bye!

Chhaya finds Shani, Kakol and Hanuman lost in deep thought. Kakol shares that they are thinking of a name for their younger sister. Chhaya tells them not to take trouble. Purohit ji will find a name for her on his own. Shani offers to food milk to his baby sister. Chhaya happily hands him the bowl. Milk turns blue as soon as his sister takes a sip. Kakol points at it but Shani says there is nothing to worry. It is because of the Halahal which was inside my sister. Slowly, the remaining Halahal will leave her body too. Hanuman worries if she will prove to be dangerous for everyone. Shani denies and talks positively about his sister.

Mahadev remarks that he isn’t on Shani’s side for the first time. This girl is inauspicious right from her birth. Neither you nor anyone else can do anything about it. No one, including Tridev, can take care of this Halahal.

Hanuman again suggests thinking a name for their baby sister but Shani wants his parents to choose a name for her.

Mahadev says whatever be her name, she will only bring problems for the world. The world will be in chaos soon. Our creation, Karamfaldata Shani, will be responsible for it. The first incident will happen in Pataal Loka.

Guru Shukracharya tries saving his Asuras but fails. He shouts. What have we done now? Why are we being punished this way? It seems like the fire of hell has reached here. Devraj says it is hell only. Guru Shukracharya blames him for it but Devraj says I have come to be friends with you today. It started with the drops of Halahal which were safely hidden somewhere in Pataal Loka. Shani’s sister has Halahal inside her. It is worst poison ever. Shukracharya suggests speaking to Surya Dev about it but Devraj tells him he has already tried doing that. He isn’t ready to accept it. Let’s attack on Surya Loka as we have no other option left. We must attack together. We will have to kill that girl after holding Surya Dev captive. That’s the only way how we can be saved. Will you support me? Guru Shukracharya pledges his support for the sake of Pataal Loka and his Asuras. Based on my experience, you must give me proofs first. You must prove it that no one can be saved from that girl. Devraj agrees to make him even realise (or feel) that it is important to kill that girl!

Preps are on in Surya Loka. Brahma Dev says I am seeing such a celebration for the first time. She will be named today. Mahadev speaks about the importance of a name. It holds a very significant meaning followed by their karmas. I don’t know what result Karamfaldata’s choice will bring forth. Only time will tell.

Guru Shukracharya greets Surya Dev. Surya Dev welcomes him. I am really happy to see you here today. We have met many other times in warzone and Sabha’s but this is different. Shani enters in Sabha holding his baby sister in his hand followed by Chhaya and Hanuman. Shani and Hanuman welcome everyone heartily. Surya Dev says what we should name her then. Kakol says the name should have some relation with Surya Dev as she is his daughter. Dev Vishwakarma explains that name is kept on the basis of Kundli. Hanuman points out that Surya Dev’s kundli name was Aditya whereas he is known as Surya Dev. My Kundli name was Maruti and I am known as Hanuman now. Same goes for Ganesha. Name should be pleasing to take and hear. I like Karamfaldata Shani as it has fal (fruit) in it. Dev Vishwakarma agrees with his logic but chooses to stick to the idea he had earlier spoken about. Devraj suggests the name of the girl – Halahal. Shani stares at him.


Shani 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : There is a blast and Shani’s sister is all grown up. Surya Dev says she has no qualities of Gods. She doesn’t deserve a place in either Surya Loka or Dev Loka. Mahadev says Shani will now have to kill his sister.

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