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Shani 9th February 2017 Written Update


Shani 9th February 2017 Written Update and Shani 9th February 2017 video watch online

Kakol calls Shani Surya-putra Shani. Shani says I am only Chhaya-putra Shani. I have no relation with either Surya Loka or any Dev. This is my final decision.

Devrishi Narad does Surya Dev’s abhishek. Indra Dev is upset but changes his expressions when Surya Dev looks in his direction. He is forced to fold hands. Today is your day but every day ends in darkness. Enjoy it till you realise Shani isn’t coming back. I will celebrate your end afterwards.

Kakol tells Shani not to lose hope. I am not so smart like you. I accept whatever punishment you want to give to me. Mata disappeared in shadow but I am supposed to stay in your shadow only. Shani agrees. It is only you now who is associated to my identity. Kakol suggests him to come with him. I cannot see you like this. Shani says the same for him. Kakol tells him not to worry for him. Just come with me. He tries to take Shani with him holding his hand but Shani stays put. Kakol invites him to come to Kaak Loka with him. It is free from any sort of negativity. Shani turns his back to him. Kakol understands he wont come with him. I am inauspicious. You remember how I told you what everyone thinks of me. Everything goes wrong. Same happened with you also. Shani walks up to him. I have told you earlier also and I am telling you again. Don’t ever call yourself inauspicious again. Kakol urges him to come with him. Ok, don’t come with me. I will also go away for forever. I will never return. Shani gets sad. Kakol emphasises at it again. I will not come back. He stumbles in his step and falls down. Shani says you cannot walk even two steps without falling. Kakol says my mind does not guide me anywhere. I found my direction when I got you. You are leaving me so I am going to be diverted. If my God sits on my then this carriage finds its direction. Allow me to be with you once again friend. Shani holds his hand this time. They fly together.

Yam angrily paces thinking about what Shani did to his mother. She had to bear so much insult because of that Shani! He breaks the mirror in pieces but it gets back together automatically. Indra Dev comes there. You seem really angry. Yam says the kid, before whose eyes his mother was insulted, is bound to be angry! Indra Dev asks him why he dint do anything earlier then. Yam replies that he was stopped by his parents. Indra Dev reminds him of his duties as Dharmaraj and as son. Your parents did your duty but you dint do your duty. You stood there quietly and saw your mother get insulted. You are a coward! Yam shouts against it but Indra Dev repeats it. This is what everyone present in Sabha thinks. Yam vows to change everyone’s opinion. I will find Shani wherever he is and finish him! Indra Dev reminds him of what Shani had said in Sabha. He will kill whosoever will follow him. Yam points out that if Shani is Karamfaldata then he is Dharmaraj. I will first kill him and then make his soul yearn for life! Indra Dev thinks now Tridev will wonder if Shani indeed deserves to be Karamfaldata or not. I will get my position and throne back then!

Kakol brings Shani to Kaak Loka. Kakol and Shani look around. they find everyone occupied; drinking and lost. Everyone stops as Shani moves past them.

Lord Vishnu says time has started moving ahead. Shani is about to get away from every bondage, relation or any feelings of closeness.

Kakol shows his house to Shani. Someone tells them to stop wherever they are. Kakol turns in shock. His eyes widen in fear seeing a man. The man slaps Kakol repeatedly while Kakol apologizes. The man scolds Kakol for going away just without telling. Dint you realise what your father would feel? He makes Kakol stand. Dint you pity your father? What if I scolded you a little? I am your father. Don’t I have this much right? He hugs Kakol. Is he (Shani) with you? Who is he? Kakol introduces his friend Shani to him. He is Surya-putra. Kakol’s father says he cannot live here. Kakol asks him if he knows him. I am standing before you because of my friend only. Dambanaad would have eaten me if Shani hadn’t saved me. He was as big as a mountain. His father stays put. My experience has taught me that strangers have always brought problems whenever they have come here. Kakol says we both will leave from here then. His mother tells him to stop. Kakol hugs his mother. She says you don’t disrespect the ones who bring good news. My son is back that too because of this kid (Shani). Seeing him makes me feel he isn’t a stranger but a special one. He will stay here only. Shani declines. Kakol’s father is right. My decision to stay here can bring problem. Kakol’s mother refuses to believe it. Stop. Wont you stop even if a mother will ask you to? Shani turns around startled. Kakol and his mother get happy. Kakol convinces his father as well. No one in Kaak Loka should find out about him. Kakol agrees. He offers to show Shani around the Loka. It isn’t grand like Surya Loka but it will be fun. Shani goes with him.

Kakol tells Shani that his Loka is very peaceful. Everyone stays friends here. Someone is following Shani (Rahu). Mahadev opens his eyes hearing the sound. He has come! Lord Vishnu says he has reached Shani.

Things go wrong from wherever Rahu crosses.

Lord Vishnu says there will be destruction if he meets Shani. Mahadev says the next era, Shapit Yuga (where there will be only downfall), has begun.

Shani feels being followed and stops in his tracks. The guy following him hides when Shani turns. Shani feels weird.

Shani 10th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Karamfaldata will now take the path of Vairaga!

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