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Shani 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shani’s Saade- Sati: Those who trust themselves a little too much stops trusting everyone else. Shani uses it against that person so he can learn to understand things better.

Shani says I saw how you shrugged your own family away. Chandra Dev offers to explain but Shani tells him off. Stay away from this matter. It is between us two. It will be better if you wont interfere. You cannot clap without hands; or fight without enemies. They left you as you let them go; you dint stop them. There is still time. Rethink your decision. Surya Dev says I am Devraj. My decision is final. You have come here to learn from me and not teach me. Don’t try to teach me. Go away. I want peace. Chnadra Dev smirks. Shani says it is more important for you to realise who is culprit and who isn’t; what’s right and wrong. When you are in doubt and disbelief that is the time when your enemies make use of it. Understand the nature of someone before falling in their words. Chandra Dev glares at him. Shani turns to go but stops. If you think Chandra Dev is at the right path and others are not, then you will understand the truth very soon. He leaves from there.

Surya Dev is in thoughts. Was Shani saying truth? If not, then why do I doubt my own decision for the first time?

Mahadev says this is the second phase of purification. Surya Dev has reached here because of Shani’s Drishti. A while ago, Surya Dev was too proud of his powers. Now he does not just doubt himself but his family members also. Doubting yourself is the beginning of the second phase of your journey of purification. Till the time you wont doubt yourself, you wont look deeper. Surya Dev does not know this yet. I am sure Shani will make him realise it. We have to see what path Shani takes.

Shani’s words echo in Surya Dev’s head. How can Shani talk to me like this? How can he advise the Devraj whose decision no one questions! I will have to teach him a lesson very soon. Chandra Dev smiles. I knew this will happen and I have a solution. Surya Dev asks him about it. Chandra Dev says it is someone. I brought that person here. Rahu greets Surya Dev. He gives his introduction. Chandra Dev calls him the solution to the problem. Surya Dev asks him if he has gone mad. Rahu isn’t a solution but a problem! Shani wreaked havoc on all Loka’s because of him; caught me and Yam and was about to die! Chandra Dev insists that Rahu only can control Shani. Sometimes poison is the antidote of poison. He can repeat what he has done. Surya Dev refuses to trust Rahu. He doesn’t know what I am going through. Rahu says no one can know it better than him. It is a surprise as to why you dint think why Shani came here all of a sudden and asked for a place from where he can keep an eye on you always. Try to understand the reason behind his demand. I will tell you how it will be beneficial for you to have me on your side.

Dev Vishwakarma tells Sanghya to stop. None of your logics are justified. Years ago, it was you only who left your husband and duties just because you couldn’t handle his warmth. Today you again left your husband’s home with your kids. You came here with a motive back then and now also. I cannot allow you to stay here. She asks him how he can say so. Surya Dev insulted you and threw you out of the Sabha yet you blame me. Surya Dev has changed for some reason. I cannot understand what that is. Shani offers to explain. They all look at him in surprise. Sanghya is unhappy to see him here also. He says it is both my duty and karma to be where I am needed. Dev Vishwakarma asks him what he means. Shani replies that he knows why Surya Dev’s behaviour changed. He tells them everything in mute relating all the incidences. I had to cast my Drishti on him to bring him on the right path.

Surya Dev says Shani’s Drishti? What are you saying? Rahu says I am speaking truth. Shani has cast his Vakra Drishti on Surya Dev. Surya Dev looks shocked. Now I understand why all this is happening. Rahu leans closer to his ear. I will tell you how you can get out of this Chakra but you will have to pay a price for my service. You will have to promise to make me a God if I help you. Surya Dev calls it impossible. Rahu asks him why he cannot do so. I too have the blood of a God in me. My mother was a Goddess. Shani’s father is also a God. When Shani can be made a God then why not Rahu? Chandra Dev smirks. Rahu calls it the rule of life. You don’t get anything without a price. Surya Dev asks him how he dare talk to Devraj like this. Chandra Dev requests him to calm down. I don’t want my Guru to look down before Shani. Rahu speaks bitter but he speaks truth. Give him his price. Surya Dev agrees to the bargain. But you have to give me a solution because of which Shani’s Vakra Drishti will be off me.

Shani says its happening because of my Drishti. I request you all to come back to Surya Loka. If our loved ones take a wrong path then it is our duty to bring him on the right path. We don’t leave him or her alone. Yam tells him to withdraw his Drishti from his father or! He attacks Shani but Shani’s attack is more powerful. Yam falls down. Shani says my karma is to bring everyone on the right path. I wont take it if anyone will become a hindrance in my path. Yam refuses to bend but Sanghya tells him to stop. Shani is saying the right thing. He is taken aback. She suggests returning to Surya Loka. We made a mistake. I made a mistake to think my husband has changed. I have understood now that he is not at fault. She looks angrily at Shani. It is the fault of the one who has only filled my life with problems – Shani! He is two steps ahead than his mother. His presence had almost broken my family apart and now his Drishti! I cannot understand why Mahadev kept these mother and son in my life! I have handled them once. I wont do it again. I have to save Surya Dev from Shani’s ill Drishti. His Drishti wont affect us if we stay together! She takes Yam with her. Yami follows them. Shani thinks of what Sanghya just said.


Shani 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani tells Surya Dev he invoked his Vakra Drishti by walking on the right path. Surya Dev asks him to prove him wrong then. Shani accepts the challenge.

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