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Sher E Punjab – Maharaja Ranjit Singh 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update ( First Episode )


Sher E Punjab 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sher E Punjab 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Sher E Punjab you will watch about Sher E Punjab New Stories.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

The story is of the time when both Afghans and Britishers were attacking India. At that time India needed a leader like Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Scene 1
A woman enters the temple. Everyone welcomes her. She receives gifts from queens of different nations. She gives them gifts in return and hugs them. She gives the women sweets. The other one sweets and says SadaKaur doesn’t give half sweet. The other woman asks where is Maharaj? She says you brother is either in ground or is some battle all the time.

Maharaja Ranjit is in the ground. There is a fight going on the horses. Maharaja picks his opponent from ground when he falls down. They both come back to the camp and touche feet of their father. He says Gurwaksh lost. Gurwaksh says he cheated. Father Maha doesn’t cheat. Maha says I can die but never cheat. Father says he used him mind and that is what you need in the ground. Today again Maha won. He gives her a gold coin. Maha says you have been giving me these for so long. Your son has right on them. Father says I have two sons, Gurwaksh and Maha Singh. There is no difference between you two. I promised your dad. Maha says the whole world knows Jay singh would break his breathes but not promised. Gurwaksh says then take the coin as blessing of father. Maha takes the coin.

A man Sukha Singh asks Maha if he can go home for the festival. Maha gives him all the coins and says take them home with you and celebrate the festival.
Sukha Singh comes home shows them to his wife. She says Maha is such a great man.
Suddenly someone enters the place on horse along with a lot of men. Everyone gets scared. He smiles.

Sada Kaur says my heart says he is here. The door opens. Maha enter the palace along with Jay and Gurwaksh.
Maha says to food distribution do not stop the meal. Sada comes and says sasrikal to all three of them. Maha says how do you feel? She good and now even better. He says and my son? Sada says he can’t wait to come in this world and meet everyone. Maha asks men to distribute gold in poor people. Gurwaksh says you distributed all of the wealth? Maha says these people are our real wealth. The one who work on fields so everyone has food. Our workers who make sure everything is fine. Our teachers who teach our kids. And our young soldiers who save us. They are our wealth. Jay says I am so proud of you son. Gurwaksh says this is the palace of Maha not a palace of a land lord. Sada says you don’t say that to her. She says I should go back to my father’s house. He will find another woman. Maha says stop her or you will have to bring her from her hope. He says stop my sweet thing.

Scene 2
That man enters and says I am here. Congrtualtions everyone. Thats how you sardar’s speak. Didn’t recognize me? I am called Deen Mohammad. You must have heard about me. Why are you all silent and scared? Everyone came here to give something but I came to take something. I will keep filling the plates. He tosses a cloth up in the air.

Scene 3
Gurwaksh’s wife is mad at him. He comes and sings for her. She is pissed off. Maha joins her. She taunts him. Maha and Gurwaksh dance around her. Sada joins them.
Sukha Singh comes in and cries. Maha says what happened? Jay says why are you crying? He says there, they turned our house into graveyard. Deen Mohammad had killed everyone there.
Everyone died only Sukha Singh was left. Deen said how do you feel now? They all look good right? Don’t be scared. I won’t kill you. You brought Maha’s gifts here. Now you go back and take my gifts back to Maha. He laughed.
Maha, Jay and Gurwaksh are super mad. Maha hugs Sukha Singh and says we have to fight this evil. Maha says we all Sikh brothers have to be one now. He sends a letter with a pigeon.

Gurwaksh asks his wife why are you so upset? We all will fight that Deen Mohammad. She says Maha is doing that not you. You are just his helping hand. Like a bird maybe. Who does what Maha orders. He says its not like that. She says truth is bitter. He says I have warned you so many times Maha is my brother. I can give my life for him. Don’t build walls between us. She says what about him? What can he do for you? he says Maha can do anything for me. She says time will tell.

Another sikh receives Maha’s letter and laughs.
Maha thought all the Sikhs will unite with him but that didn’t happen.
Maha says we have to fight Peer Mohammad for the cruelty he did. We all have to unite our forces. So no one ever dares doing this cruelty again. All the Sikh leaders are there. One says he has 50000 thousand forces. Maha says if we all unite we will have around 30000 too. We have to unite to save Punjab. Another says we dont have weapon. Another says no one came to save us when we were attacked why should we help? Maha says shame on your thinking. He says you called us to insult us. Sahay singh says calm down. Maha says what is your opinion? Will you fight with us? Sahay Singh says its an honor for us to be part of this battle. Gurwaksh says is that a yes? He says but my canyons are not working. All my brave soldiers are busy.but don’t be sad. You alone are enough with you. My prayers are with you.
Just one Gurpakh Singh says don’t worry Maha. I am with you. We will both fight together.

Scene 4
Peer Mohammad is showering. his servant says your friend has send this black sand from multan. He says this smells like a good news. He reads the letter with it and says wow Maha is coming to fight us. He laughs. he says now see I will kill Maha and his generations.
Sada is not feeling well. She says I know you are busy protecting this nation. I won’t complain you.

Sher E Punjab 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Peer Mohammad says this coin was given to you Maha but now I have it. Like I took over Rasul Nagar I will take over Gunjrawala too. The battle starts. In the palace, Sada feels labour pain.

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