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Siddhi Vinayak 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Rudra Plans To Do Ganpati Puja With Siddhi


Siddhi Vinayak  17th September 2018 Written Episode Update, Siddhi Vinayak Written Update on

Siddhi Vinayak 17th September 2018 Episode Start With Vaibhavi says this is where you killed me right. I am here! Manjari begs her to spare her life. I will do whatever you will ask me to do. Vaibhavi tells her she will have to die. Manjari agrees to abide by her every wish. She drags herself near the coffin unintentionally and shouts. Vaibhavi keeps a condition before her. You must tell everyone why and when you killed me before Bappa comes home tomorrow. Your coffin is ready otherwise. Manjari agrees to confess everything. Forgive me. Gauri scares her and Manjari falls in the coffin. Gauri disappears by the time Manjari opens her eyes. Manjari cries. I don’t want to die! She runs back inside. Siddhi is happy that Ma will pay the price of her life tomorrow for sure.

Next morning, Bappa comes to Kundra House. Siddhi looks at Manjari.You wanted to escape from the shock treatment in the name of Bappa but now you will admit the truth in front of everyone. You have only some time left now. Vin keeps looking at Siddhi as she does puja. Rudra’s eyes are also pinned on her. Pundit ji asks Shankar to call everyone who will do Bappa’s puja. Rudra steps forward but Shankar stops him. Vin and Siddhi will do this puja. You cannot do this. Rudra plays the sympathy card. I got a place in the home but in the hearts of everyone. I will do as you say. He leaves from there followed by Vin. Manjari recalls Vaibhavi’s words. I have to say something. Vin’s attention is diverted to her. Siddhi thinks Ma is ready to confess the truth the moment you stepped in the house. Today Vinu will see Ma’s real face. Manjari walks up to where Vin and Shankar are. I want to say something before we begin the puja. Vin asks her what she wants to say.

Manjari says I am the worst mother in the entire world. I created problems in your life. Vin is confused. I am here today because of you. You look unwell. Let me take you to your room. Manjari denies. I want to say something. I have done a lot many crimes in life. They can be clearly called illegal. I want to confess everything in front of Bappa today. Vin looks at her in confusion. Manjari swears upon Bappa. I want to say that I! Reporters walk in just then and excitedly telecast the puja in Kundra House live on TV. Manjari goes quiet. Siddhi and Gauri are irked. Shankar takes Manjari upstairs to give her medicines.

Vin and Siddhi start talking to the reporters.

Gauri pulls Siddhi aside. Chachi ji kept quiet today too. We must do something today or Chachi wont be fearful of Vaibhavi anymore. Siddhi agrees. If this fear goes away then everything will be over! We must make her confess the crime in private if not in public. It will make things easier for us. Gauri and Siddhi plan their next moves. They hope their plan works out this time.

Vin finds Rudra packing his bags. Where are you off to? Rudra acts all hurt in front of him. You accepted me your brother but this family hasn’t accepted me. When I was alone I used to think that everything will be fine once I start staying with my family. I am going back to those lanes. Vin stops him from going anywhere. We all love you and we have accepted you already. Rudra asks him why Shankar stopped him from doing the aarti then. Vin suggests him to do the Maha aarti in the evening then. Rudra denies but Vin insists. Keep your bags aside. Don’t do all this. He leaves. Rudra thinks Rudra and Siddhi will do the puja together now. It will be just the way I wanted it to happen and everyone will just watch Siddhi and Rudra!

Siddhi is getting ready. She is thinking about Manjari. Vin ties her necklace. Are you really this beautiful or am I living in some dream? You look more beautiful to me every time I see you. Siddhi smiles shyly. Vin romantically helps her get ready. They share an eye lock. Romantic song plays in the background. He begins to go but she holds his hand. They share a kiss.

Rajvir asks Prachi why she is so happy today. Prachi tells him that all their problems will be over today.

Shankar asks pundit ji when the puja will start. Pundit ji says there is still time. Gauri points out that Bappa is not wearing a necklace. Siddhi says I prayed for Ma. It will be great if Ma offers her favourite necklace to Bappa. Shankar likes the idea. Manjari gets up to go. On the other hand, Siddhi also gestures Gauri to go. Manjari looks at Siddhi as she heads upstairs. Siddhi thinks Ma will come down shouting anytime now and she will accept all her crimes too. Please help us Bappa.


Siddhi Vinayak 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Shankar asks Vin and Siddhi to do the puja. They do the puja together. Suddenly, Rudra holds Siddhi’s hand. She looks uncomfortable but he does not let go of her hand.

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Siddhi Vinayak Details

Siddhi Vinayak is an Indian romantic television series. The show aired on 26 October 2017 on &TV. The series is produced by Prashant Bhatt and Sanjay Memane.Set against family enmity, two childhood friends, Siddhi & Vinayak grow up only to develop pure hatred for each other. Siddhi A.K.A Siddhu becomes a backup dancer to financially support her family. Vinayak A.K.A Vin Kundra aspires to become a bollywood superstar under the umbrella of his rich producer Dad.


Manish Khanna
Farnaz Shetty
Utkarsha Naik
Prithvi Sankala
Nitin Goswami
Neha Saxena

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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