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Siddhi Vinayak 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Vin Plans To Trouble Siddhi


Siddhi Vinayak 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Siddhi Vinayak 19th December 2017 Episode Start With Harry showing Vin’s video to Vidya. Rajveer comes and sees the video. He smiles and thinks its good he is dancing on roads, I will show this to Shankar, he should know this. Vidya says I will also see this. He says I have to show this to someone. She says don’t show this to dad. Rajveer goes and plays the video on tv. He asks Shankar to see the video. Shankar asks did Vin get mad.

Ajit says see, people are laughing. Shanakr says I m getting angry. Ajit says people are liking Vin, they are looking happy, Vin has superstar magic. Shankar smiles. Ajit says audience is getting attracted to him. Vidya says we will put this video on social media. Lawyer says this will help Vin in making a good image. Shankar says Vin is very lucky that he got a brother like Rajveer.

He blesses Rajveer.Vin says I thought Siddhi as my Guru, she cheated me, I have to do something. Manbir comes and asks is everything fine, something is bothering you, tell me. Vin says so much is happening here. Manbir says none can move the tree if the roots are strong, tell me about your master, did Siddhi do anything. Vin says no. Manbir says I took her class before, tell me if she does anything. Vin thinks she did a lot. Manbir says I threatened her and she got scared, she said she will return me money in some days, I said I want money right now, so she came to teach dance. Vin says it means she needs money. Manbir says she won’t leave the job. Vidya says Shankar is calling you.

Vidya gets Vin to everyone. Shankar praises Vin. He says your master did great work, she made you dance on road. Vin thinks she has cheated me, we got defamed because of her. Shankar gets Jindal’s call and says you called me on time, Vin has learnt good dancing, I will send the video, you will enjoy it. Rajveer thinks how does good happen to Vin when I do bad. Manjiri misses to see Savita in video. Vin gives his first earning to Manjiri. He asks her not to worry, he will not leave Siddhi.

Siddhi sees the news of Vin’s video gaining publicity. She gets angry. Its night, Vin recalls Siddhi’s words and says I can’t tell anyone about her, but I have to do something, I will force her to take the FIR back, now she will dance on my fingers. Siddhi looks for everyone. The family surprises her and wishes happy birthday. Siddhi thanks everyone. She gets sad. Aniket asks what’s the matter. Siddhi says its first time that Zai is not with me on my birthday. Savita asks her not to get sad, Zai will get fine. She gifts a dress to Siddhi. Siddhi says this was your saree, why did you make dress of this. Savita says I don’t have to go out anywhere, go and wear this dress, this color will suit you. Siddhi changes and comes. She says I want to meet Zai today.

Savita gives the food for Vin too. Siddhi says I will not leave that Vin. Manjiri gives the puranpuri and tells Vin that its Siddhi’s birthday today. She says I miss them a lot, Savita, Aniket and Siddhi. He says I have hidden something, I went to the old chawl that night. She worries and asks did you meet anyone. He says no, they don’t stay there now, I went there to meet Siddhi, I got to know they left that place, we can never meet them now. She cries. He wishes Siddhi stays happy. Harry comes and sees puranpuri. Vin asks him did he do arrangements. Harry says its all set. Vin says I will get happiness by spoiling her day.

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Siddhi Vinayak Details

Siddhi Vinayak is an Indian romantic television series. The show aired on 26 October 2017 on &TV. The series is produced by Prashant Bhatt and Sanjay Memane.Set against family enmity, two childhood friends, Siddhi & Vinayak grow up only to develop pure hatred for each other. Siddhi A.K.A Siddhu becomes a backup dancer to financially support her family. Vinayak A.K.A Vin Kundra aspires to become a bollywood superstar under the umbrella of his rich producer Dad.


Manish Khanna
Farnaz Shetty
Utkarsha Naik
Prithvi Sankala
Nitin Goswami
Neha Saxena

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min