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Siddhi Vinayak 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Siddhi And Gauri Play Their First Move


Siddhi Vinayak 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update, Siddhi Vinayak Written Update on

Siddhi Vinayak 4th September 2018 Episode Start With Vin enters limping in his room. Siddhi gets concerned but he tells her what all Ma is thinking right now. She calms him down. He fails to understand how Ma can do so. I will make sure Rudra gets his rights. I may have to go to any extent and I will! He has been through a lot already. I wont let him suffer anymore. I will cancel the shoot. She makes him realise that it will cost a lot to all the crew members then. He agrees. She promises to handle everything. He tells her that this makes his pain half and doubles his happiness. She cheers him up. I am here. I will manage everything here. Don’t worry. He holds her hand as she turns to go. Everything exists because of you only. She smiles. You and your mood swings! Go with this mood and perform well. He goes. She is relieved that he went finally. I can put my plan into practise now. It is so strange that the son who Ma is trying to distance herself from is trying to bring her real son closer to her. Just wait and watch what I do now Ma! She looks excited.

Rajvir and Prachi are practising their dialogues. They kiss as per the script but are irked with the script. He says I don’t want to do this film. She says the same. There must be a way out of this. They begin to fight. He points out that if they withdraw from the film right now then they will have to pay 40 lacs. They cushion fight while calling each other mad. She falls down exhausted. Hope the shooting ends asap and it flops! Rajvir says what will people think when they will find out that Vin Kundra’s son is doing Bhojpuri film.

Siddhi and Gauri put their plan into action. They notice Manjari sleeping peacefully. Gauri steps inside the room while Siddhi stands by the door. Both of them hide as Manjari shifts in her sleep. Siddhi notices her phone lying near the pillow. She points it out to Gauri who manages it to steal it. They close the room door as they go out. Siddhi winks at Gauri. It is time to play our next move.

Manjari wakes up in the night and finds the window open. She cannot find her phone in her room but hears it ringing outside. The corridor lights are flickering. She wonders what happened to the lights. Where is the phone ringing? She finds it hanging and pulls it up. There is an incoming call from an unknown number. There is no response from the other side. She vows to teach a similar lesson to whoever is behind this joke. She walks back into her room and finds a message written on the mirror – I am back. She runs out of the room and meets Gauri. Gauri asks her if everything is ok. Manjari asks her to come with her. Gauri is worried that Siddhi is still inside. She might be caught.

Siddhi changes the message. Siddhi hides when Gauri and Manjari return to the room. They read Vaibhavi’s name this time. Manjari says what’s happening. Gauri drops the water jug in shock. This is blood! There is blood all over the floor. I told you all the ghosts come alive on Amavasya. I am sure some ghost has done it. Manjari is sure ghosts don’t exist. Someone is hiding in my room! She picks a stick and asks the person to step forward. Siddhi worries she might be caught. Manjari refuses to get scared by such jokes. She notices a shadow on the wall. Who is it? Step forward. Gauri diverts her attention to a black lizard. I think she is the ghost of Vaibhavi. Why has she come here? Who is she? It is the same girl who was supposed to marry Vin. You pushed her out of the house later on. She might have committed suicide and has returned to avenge it. Manjari still refuses to believe it. She starts cleaning the mirror.

Gauri asks Manjari to come and pray to Bappa. We will apologize to him for all the wrongdoings. Manjari stays put. Ghosts would have ruled the world if they indeed existed. I will find out who is hiding here. Gauri asks the ghosts to spare her Chachi ji. Please spare our Chachi ji. What will we do without her? She pulls Manjari out of the room telling the ghost to get out of the window. Siddhi stands up. I swear I will make Ma pay for her every sin and accept them all in front of everyone. This is just the beginning Ma. Just wait and watch!

Siddhi collides with Rudra on her way out. She falls right in his arms and balances herself immediately. He notices the blood in her hands. She worries that he might find out everything. He holds her hand. Since when did your hands get bloodied? She says not every red colour is blood. It is kumkum. I was decorating puja thaal in temple. He asks her which puja happens at this hour. She lies that she was making preps for tomorrow’s puja. It is time to sleep. She goes. Rudra is mesmerised by her fragrance and touch.

Gauri cleans the colour off Siddhi’s hands. Siddhi says we got saved somehow. I thought Ma would catch us! Gauri too says the same. We got successful. I dint know you are so smart. Chachi ji was scared seeing blood on the mirror. Siddhi says Ma will slowly and gradually confess everything. Gauri gulps. Chachi ji! Siddhi turns and finds Manjari standing at the door.


Siddhi Vinayak 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Manjari tells Siddhi not to play games with her. I have played enough games. You wrote all that on my room’s mirror using blood! Show me your hands. Siddhi opens her fist.

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Siddhi Vinayak Details

Siddhi Vinayak is an Indian romantic television series. The show aired on 26 October 2017 on &TV. The series is produced by Prashant Bhatt and Sanjay Memane.Set against family enmity, two childhood friends, Siddhi & Vinayak grow up only to develop pure hatred for each other. Siddhi A.K.A Siddhu becomes a backup dancer to financially support her family. Vinayak A.K.A Vin Kundra aspires to become a bollywood superstar under the umbrella of his rich producer Dad.


Manish Khanna
Farnaz Shetty
Utkarsha Naik
Prithvi Sankala
Nitin Goswami
Neha Saxena

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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