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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini and Kunal romance, Rajdeep gets Kunal arrested


When Rajdeep creates a havoc at Kunal’s house, Nandini gets brave to defend Kunal. She tells the inspector that Kunal is her savior, Kunal took a stand for her respect when Rajdeep tried to humiliate her by the MMS. She tells the police about Rajdeep’s misdeeds. Nandini doesn’t get scared of Rajdeep, as she has transformed into a bold person now. She stays strong and tells the inspector how Rajdeep leaked her picture publicly to humiliate her. She tells Rajdeep that his misdeeds can’t break her down now, as she has moved on, thanks to her best friends Mauli and Kunal. She upsets Rajdeep by her verbal statements. Later, Nandini thanks Kunal and starts regarding him as her bestie, since he is very supportive.

Rajdeep leaks Nandini MMS and Nandini faces humiliation and insult by the society,But there Kunal comes as Nandini’s savior and also saves her from humiliation, but when he sees Rajdeep there, he confronts Rajdeep and beats him up ruthlessly.While he didn’t knew that his one step will land him in big trouble.Rajdeep files FIR against Kunal,Rajdeep looses his temper after he gets beaten up by Kunal,While Kunal, Mauli, and Nandini rejoice Nandini’s cooking classes, Police comes to arrest Kunal in attempt to murder charge on Rajdeep.Nandini and Mauli are shocked, where Rajdeep warns Mauli, it would be highly intense to watch what will Nandini do now, or if Mauli will stand responsible for Kunals’ arrest.

Kunal and Mauli plan for their short family vacation. The entire family reach the pilgrimage site and offers prayers. Mauli wishes that Kunal always stays with her. She tries a sacred thread to his wrist. She tells Kunal that they will always be together. Kunal promises Mauli that he will always be of her. When the family returns, they face a land slide on the way. Kunal and Nandini get stuck together. Nandini panics, while Kunal pacifies her. Mauli is with the family members, stuck on the other side. Kunal worries for Mauli and family. Nandini gets all his attention. He feels responsible for Nandini’s well being.

andini returns back to Mauli house where Kunal gets over excited and gets happy.However after all this major drama Is still there where Nandini faced major humiliation in society over MMS where Nandini gets shattered with this.Rajdeep evil plan against Kunal and Nadini,While Kunal saved Nandini from entire drama where Rajdeep get furious and put blame over Kunal that he leaked Nandini MMS.While Randeep did all this to get Kunal arrested for his crimes.Rajdeep will show up at Kunal’s doorstep once again and shockingly Kunal will end up beating him yet again.

However, this time around, he lands in trouble as Rajdeep informs the police that Kunal has been trying to murder him and hurt him.Rajdeep will get Kunal arrested and will even warn Mauli to be careful for his next deadly move.Kunal is arrested as Rajdeep files attempt to murder case against Kunal which is non bailable charges and Mauli is in pain.Nandini blames herself for Kunal and Mauli’s this pain and decides to beg infront of Rajdeep to save Kunal and Rajdeep agrees to take his case back.Rajdeep and Nandini’s deal for Kunal’s freedom.

Rajdeep puts a condition infront of Nandini to take case back that is she has to return back to him and Nandini agrees as she has no other option.Rajdeep plays his cunning game against Kunal and files attempt to murder charges against Kunal, Kunal is arrested in fake charges.Mauli and family are shattered as they couldn’t do anything to stop police and now Nandini gets to know about it.Kunal behind bars, Nandini gets in action,Nandini blames self for this and promises Mauli that she will save Kunal and will get him back home whatever it may take.

Mauli is in tears while Nandini turns jhansi ki rani to save Kunal from Rajdeep’s jail trap and goes to meet Rajdeep.

Will Nandini be able to get Kunal out of jail, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

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