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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini divorce Rajdeep, Nandini’s bold stand for Kunal


Kunal gets too caring towards Nandini. He can’t see her bearing the pain. He also thinks Nandini should get separated from Rajdeep. He wishes the best for Nandini. Mauli advises Nandini to take divorce from Rajdeep and end the relation forever. She wants Nandini to get free from the bounds. She knows Nandini can’t stay happy with Rajdeep. She wants Nandini to become like before and live her life well. Nandini agrees to divorce Rajdeep. Mauli reminds her their old days. She convinces Nandini to sign the papers. Nandini signs the divorce papers as she believes in Mauli.

She feels sorry that she didn’t believe Nandini before when she was blinded by Rajdeep’s fake love. She asks Mauli to handover the papers to Rajdeep, as she doesn’t want to meet Rajdeep. Mauli congratulates Nandini for her decision to get back to her old life.

Nandini is shock after what Rajdeep had done and tried to get Kunal arrested, Mauli us thankful to Nandini for supporting Kunal.Mauli also suggest Nandini that she must get out of Rajdeep’s all drama and troubles he create for her.Mauli asks Nandini to divorce Rajdeep and move on and Nandini is ready for this and signs the divorce papers.Mauli and Nandini’s new decision,Mauli is happy and goes to give these divorce papers to Rajdeep and warns him to stay away from Nandini nor it will be tough for him.

Mauli takes the lawyer to Rajdeep’s house and shocks him with the divorce papers. He gets a big shock knowing Nandini has signed the papers. She asks him to sign the papers too. Rajdeep refuses to sign the papers. He doesn’t want to free Nandini. He can’t see Nandini marrying anyone else or moving on in life. He can’t tolerate Nandini’s success. Mauli isn’t aware of Kunal’s feelings for Nandini. She feels secure to have a loving husband like Kunal.

Nandini started staying with Mauli and Kunal, Rajdeep is left restless and now is trying his best to trouble them.And this time, he crosses all his limits and gets Kunal arrested in the attempt to murder charge.But thanks to Nandini that she comes and takes bold stand against Rajdeep, she proves to Police that Kunal saved her from Rajdeep’s nasty trap and he respects women.While now Nandini getting pissed off with Rajdeep’s nasty tricks decides to take a big step.Nandini open challenges Rajdeep,Kunal and Mauli are happy seeing Nandini’s confidence, while Rajdeep again warns that he will keep on ruining her supporters’ life untill she will not return him,While this time Nandini open challenges him and decides to fight back his nasty tricks as she is strong.

Let see what new twists will now come up in the show. Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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