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Spoilers 10th January 2019


Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika gets assaulted by a goon. She thrashes him. She spares Pankti’s life. She uncovers her marriage truth to Pankti. Pankti discovers Vedika ensuring Sahil. She gets a tremendous stun by the enormous disclosure. Pankti discloses to her that she will come clean to Sahil. Vedika influences her to swear that she won’t advise anything to him, that could hurt Sahil. She undermines to leave the city if Pankti unveils anything. Pankti doesn’t need Vedika to forfeit. She guarantees Vedika that she won’t advise anything to Sahil. She is sorry to Vedika for separating Sahil and her. Pankti is exceptionally befuddled as the show needs to end sometime in the not so distant future. She identifies with Vedika’s circumstance.

Roop:Roop gets a honor in the appreciated party in the lodging for his estimable work. Roop has awed everybody by his work. The family cheers on observing his prosperity. Roop and Ishika feel pleased to have a strong family. They trust Shamsher dissolves down and acknowledges Ishika as the house’s bahu soon. They praise a cheerful time with the family.

Ishq Subhan Allah:Zeenat makes a decent attempt to inconvenience Zara. She is disappointed in view of Ruksar. She doesn’t need Zara’s destitution dramatization to inconvenience Ruksar. Zeenat reveals to Zara that she can’t torment Ruksar along these lines. She gets Shahbaz on her side. Aisha underpins Zara. Kabeer doesn’t know Zeenat’s arranging and backings her. Zeenat outlines Zara and battles with her. Zeenat has turned negative by and by. She feels Zara has isolated Ruksar from her. Kabeer and Zara wind up battling in light of Zeenat. Zara needs to send Ruksar back home to remain with Zeenat. Ruksar declines to go.

Udaan:Chakor and Raghav are sent on an outing by Anjor. Anjor needs them to end their battle and hang out. Chakor declines to run with him, however Anjor candidly coerces her and forces her to concur. Chakor and Raghav fall stuck in an unfortunate situation on their new voyage. A few goons inconvenience them when Raghav’s vehicle separates. Raghav spares Chakor by some way. He battles with the goons and asks Chakor to flee. He needs Chakor to proceed alone. She declines to abandon him in a bad position. She likewise battles with the goons.

She feels remorseful that she is supporting Raghav, and bamboozling Suraj. She knows Raghav isn’t Suraj. She wouldn’t like to adore Raghav. She knows about his affection sentiments, since he has admitted love to her. She can’t acknowledge Raghav. She strolls out and about, being lost in her passionate issue. Raghav spares her life when he discovers her gathering with a mishap. He reveals to her that he is accepting great consideration of her as he has guaranteed Anjor. He reveals to her that he will dependably be with her. They get lift from a truck driver, who jokes and plays with her. Raghav gets irate on the truck driver.

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