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Spoilers 8th January 2019


Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is up for high voltage drama and twist.Pari catches Kunal’s discussion that how Kunal has allowed Mishti’s desire and is prepared to help her.Pari is disturbed that Kunal hadn’t kept her desire and rather pick Mishti, while here Pari is vexed and Mehek comforts Pari.Pari is as yet not content with this, Mauli erroneously meets Pari and discovers her upset.Pari releases Kunal’s arrangement to Mauli,Mauli endeavors to converse with Pari over it and she uncovers as how Kunal is attempting to satisfy Mishti’s desire of joining Mauli and Ishan.Mauli is stunned to know this and sees entire situation as why Kunal acts odd and discourteous.

Pari is much vexed as she becomes more acquainted with that Kunal is satisfying Mishti’s desire of joining her parents.Pari discloses to Mehek how Kunal is getting along this and didn’t consider her desire while Mehek endeavors to support Pari.Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka had effectively gone off air however was running admirably on Colors Voot application.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Finally, Malhar uncovered reality that Atharv and Sampada are still alive.Sampada gets exhausted of Atharv’s shabby strategies and discourteous and fallen angel conduct.In the mean time, she becomes acquainted with that Malhar got hitched to Kalyani after she peruses the paper article.Malhar and Kalyani’smarital relationship was near prosper that all of a sudden another tempest hits their affection life.Malhar makes Kalyani wear mangalsutra while he comes to meet her in the college.Therefore, Anupriya comes and Malhar motivates stunned to realize that Anupriya likewise considers in same school with Kalyani.Malhar stands up to Kalyani

Malhar was persuaded that Kalyani and Anupriya have no relaion however subsequent to seeing Anupriya in school, he gets bumbled acknowledging Kalyani again misled him.

Roop: Roop is befuddled over his vocation choices. He is enthusiastic extorted by Shamsher. He discloses to Ishika that he doesn’t know whether he ought to tune in to his father or his own heart. He needs to wind up a culinary specialist, however Shamsher needs him to end up a cop. Roop doesn’t realize what to do. He feels stuck in the important basic leadership. Ishika gives him an answer. She clarifies him that its up to him to choose, in the event that he esteems Shamsher’s desire more than his own desire, he ought to end up a cop and make Shamsher pleased.

He gets happy with her recommendation. Afterward, Roop gives the handy test in the inn and readies the honor winning dish. He gets hailed. He gets the exceptional welcomes for his family. He needs to take his sisters to the lodging for the appreciated party. Shamsher declines to come. Kamla wouldn’t like to send her little girls, however Roop guarantees their wellbeing. He persuades Bua first, knowing Bua is the inconvenience creator. Roop and Ishika need to astound the family and persuade Shamsher.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabeer and Zara visit the poor region and understand the neediness. He gets stressed seeing the general population managing destitution. He needs to encourage the general population. He inquires as to whether they didn’t get the covers. The general population reveal to him that they had got the covers yet sold those to get cash for living. The general population fall sick by virus. Kabeer motivates enthusiastic and needs to encourage them.

Fatima asks for Zeenat to give her sixty thousand rupees for her girls instruction. Anyway Zeenat and Shahbaz (Vinay Jain) thinks of intriguing arrangement. Zeenat reprimands Fatima for taking her cell phone just to get some cash.Zeenat reprimands Fatima for the robbery which isn’t done while Zara (Eisha Singh) makes her auspicious passage sparing Fatima. Zara guarantees to back Fatima’s little girl for instruction.Besides Zara additionally guarantees Fatima to loan her cash for instruction. This whole show was arranged by Shahbaz and Zeenat to trap Zara in colossal outrage.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala :

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is high with emotions of two little Kids, Amyra and Kulfi , where they are attempting their best to join Sikander and Lovely.Gunjan and Tony both together reasoning to break the holding which is rising among Sikander and Lovely. Gunjan is good to go to uncover that Amyra and Kulfi has an incredible holding and they have been endeavoring to rejoin their folks Sikander and Lovely.

Gunjan Plans to uncover in the New Year Party Kulfi and Amyra endeavor endeavors to rejoin Sikandar and Lovely .Sikandar and Lovely indeed come face off.Therefore, Lovely puts a condition before Sikandar to either pick her and Amyra or Kulfi.Lovely’s final offer stuns Sikandar,Sikandar needs to give additional opportunity to his conjugal relationship.


Soumya and Harman move toward becoming guardians of Surbhi’s kid. Soumya has turned into a mother to bring up the kid. She deals with the little infant. Harman has seen this fantasy to have a tyke, however he didn’t realize the bliss will get distress along. Surbhi kicks the bucket in the wake of conveying the child. Soumya soaks in distress of her sister’s downfall. She cries while taking the infant in arms. She can’t overlook Surbhi ever. She envisions Surbhi and asks her not to abandon her. Preeto comforts Soumya. She reveals to Soumya that Surbhi has left. She solicits Soumya to take care from Surbhi’s youngster on the off chance that she needs to see Surbhi upbeat. She reveals to her that Surbhi has satisfied her enormous dream and gave her tyke. She asks Soumya to cherish the kid and raise him well.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Anurag and Prerna take a look at one another, while working in the workplace. Prerna cherishes him and is clear about her emotions. She doesn’t go to him, supposing her affection will be known to him. She supposes her eyes will mirror her emotions and make things odd for him. Anurag calls her up in his lodge. When she declines to him, he goes out to her and rationalizes to invest energy with her. Anurag gets understanding his adoration for Prerna. He endeavors to stand out enough to be noticed and needs to know the motivation behind why she is keeping away from him.

Mohini despises Prerna and had never enjoyed her and needs her out of Anurag’s life at any cost.Mohini, Mishika, Komolika’s arrangement against Prerna,Mishika has dread of loosing Anurag if Prerna will be a major part of his life and along these lines unites hand with Komolika.Prerna and Anurag’s affection is assuming control them and they gets lost one another.Mishika sees that fire of adoration is on the two sides that is Anurag and Prerna both are into each other.Mishika exhaust as she would prefer not to free Anurag and in this manner will take assistance from Komolika.Komolika is all vindictive and is prepared to help Mishika with an arrangement to devastate Prerna and her bliss.Komolika and Prerna’s war off,Prerna is ignorant of the up and coming tempest which is moving her direction and she is going yotbe influenced severely by this.Komolika is cutting her reprisal agsinst Prerna and in this manner these trio inconvenience will be unreasonably troublesome for Prerna.


Imli gets communicating love for Raghav. Imli is extremely cheerful, notwithstanding when she is in prison, since she has discovered love once more. Chakor simply adores Suraj. She can never cherish Raghav. Imli knows about this reality and thinks Raghav will simply be of her. Imli feels Raghav isn’t Suraj and Chakor will never acknowledge him. She designs a proposition for Raghav. He likewise needs to propose Chakor for marriage with the goal that he can finish the family. Chakor doesn’t have any affections for Raghav. Imli needs Raghav frantically. Chakor doesn’t know about Raghav’s affections for her. Chakor just thinks about Raghav, however can never acknowledge him in Suraj’s place. Chakor finds out about Imli’s adoration for Raghav and needs to help her.

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