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Spoilers March 15th 2018 Written Episode Update alert !!


Leela turns sweet and caring towards Susheel to fool her. She wants to destroy Susheel by her own hands. She shows fake love to Susheel. She knows Susheel always catches her mistakes. She tries to adapt a new way to trick Susheel. She puts red chilli in Susheel’s eyes and sends her out so that she can upload Satya’s picture. Susheel goes to clean her eyes. Leela changes Shivam’s picture with Satya’s and finishes her work before Susheel returns.

Piyaa Albela: Pooja will be seen in a changed avatar. She has brought out a big truth in front of the Naren. Supriya apologizes to Naren. Its hard for him to accept the revelation. Pooja is worried for Naren’s reactions. Naren always takes extreme steps. She doesn’t want Naren to harm himself. She didn’t reveal to Naren before that Chandrika is his real mum. Supriya gets guilt-stricken. She thinks she has been doing a lot against Pooja and Chandrika. Her inner self stops her from hurting Pooja further.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay and Bulbul go to the market for some shopping. A lady asks Vijay to have a picture with them. Vijay takes her baby and has an interaction with her family. The man tells Vijay that he wants to become like him, Vijay is his ideal. They bless Vijay to have a child soon.

Chakor saves Pakhi’s life. She rushes her to hospital. Suraj learns Pakhi was nearly dying. He runs to the hospital to meet her. He gets a shock finding Imli there. He wants to stop Imli from hurting Pakhi. Imli threatens Chakor and Pakhi. Suraj informs Chakor that he has safely dropped Gauri home. He is sure that everything will get fine. Imli feels helpless as she can’t kill Chakor till elections wraps up. Suraj and Chakor’s rain romance will be seen in the next track.

Woh Apna Sa:

Two thieves Vikram and Betaal attack on Nisha’s house. They hold the family captive. Arjun and Chiraj try to fight with them. Akash gets close to being shot by the thieves. Nisha, Binny and Jia are worried. Nisha gets irritated by them. Arjun asks them to leave Binny. Jia gets injured while saving Binny. Akash finds Binny at gunpoint. He pushes her away. He gets shot. Arjun takes care of Akash. Binny respects Akash for risking his life to save her.

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