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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan seeing Dadi. He asks Baby why is Dadi sleeping in the car. Krishna says I will arrange Saiyyam’s clothes till he comes, but why is Saiyyam going club, will he drink there, whatever he does, I should not care, I will just help him, he should wear a good shirt. She checks the cupboard and does not find any good shirt. She gets a gift for Saiyyam and keeps that shirt for him. She says let him think why I gave this gift to him.

Baby lies to Yuvaan and says I was taking Dadi to ashram for meditation, she was feeling unwell at home. He says fine, take care of her. Baby sprinkles water on Dadi and asks her to wake up. Dadi asks where are we. Baby says we are in car, you have smelled chloroform by mistake. Dadi says lets leave soon.

Saiyyam comes to room.Krishna hides. He sees the shirt and says yuck, whose bad shirt is this, who wears such shirts. He goes to cupboard and finds it locked. He says what shall I wear in lunch now. Krishna falls down. He looks at her and asks why were you doing behind curtain. She asks did you not like the shirt. He falls down. He sees the keys and asks what were you doing with my cupboard keys, you thought to hide keys and make me joker by wearing such keys, why were you taking revenge, as I have torn your card, seriously, you are so bad, you don’t know to keep relations, you just know to spoil my things. He takes a shirt from cupboard. She asks her to stop this planning and plotting, and stay away from him. He goes. Krishna cries holding the shirt.

Yuvani comes and asks is this shirt or tubelight, I know Saiyyam is ill mannered, he should have not spoken that way, but this shirt is ridiculous to the core, what did you think before buying this shirt.

Baby and Dadi find Suhani’s car. They ask the driver about Amma mai. He is injured and say someone kidnapped madam. Baby and Dadi ask each other did they do this. They worry. The man says who did you kidnap, we did not had to kidnap her, that car number was different, is she Suhani Birla, its fine, even she is rich.

Krishna says its fine if he does not like that shirt. Yuvani says its not rocket science to understand your heart, I know Saiyyam is weird, but he is good at heart, I have spend time with him, when you all hated him, he was my friend even that time. Krishna says he was going in party, so I thought to gift him shirt. Yuvani says it was not good. Krishna says people wear such shirts in pub. Yuvani says none wear such shirts, you like him right. Krishna says no, I don’t like him. Yuvani asks really, then I will help you in getting rid of him.

Krishna asks will you help me. Yuvani says yes, if you gift such shirts, he will really get away, these are good clothes, wear nice clothes, when he pays attention, then we will think ahead. Krishna hugs her and says you are best sister. Yuvani asks her not to be senti.

Yuvraaj asks servant about Suhani. Servant says she went to market. Dadi asks why are you asking him, from today ask me anything, not her. Kidnapper calls Yuvraaj and says Suhani Birla is with us, we have kidnapped her. Yuvraaj and Dadi get shocked. Kidnapper asks her to give call to Suhani’s husband. Yuvraaj asks who are you. Kidnapper asks who are you. Yuvraaj says I m her husband. Dadi asks how dare you say that. Pratima asks what happened. Yuvraaj says someone is saying he kidnapped Amma mai. The kidnapper asks for 50 lakhs. Yuvaan and Saiyyam worry, and agree to pay money. Dadi asks how can they decide, when she is here. Pratima takes Dadi. Yuvraaj says we have to give money. Kidnapper sends Suhani’s pic.

Baby asks Dadi to anger goons by calling police, so that they kill Suhani. She smiles and thinks to tell Yuvaan about Dadi calling police. Dadi calls police and asks them to go after Yuvraaj to trace Suhani. She wishes Yuvraaj also dies in this fight. Baby smiles and thinks wow Dadi, if this wish gets fulfilled, it will be double jackpot for me.

Saiyyam and Yuvaan arrange money. Yuvraaj talks to kidnapper. Kidnapper tells them where to meet. He asks them not to call police. Baby smiles seeing the money bags. Yuvraaj comes there and Baby hides under the bed. Yuvraaj picks other bag and stops. He turns. She hides.

Yuvraaj pays money to goons. Kidnapper finds paper in the bag. Saiyyam fights with the goons.

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