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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Bhavna saying its good you did not get up, else Baba would know you are not hurt, we did big mistake to get Baba home. Suhani says I know, I wish I closed eyes and Yuvraaj came in front of me. Bhavna says yes, wait here, I will get something for you. Suhani sees Yuvraaj coming home. She calls out Yuvraaj. She runs downstairs. Yuvraaj gets hit on his head by Baby. Baby drags Yuvraaj.

Suhani looks for Yuvraaj and thinks where is he. She hears footsteps and turns to see. She says Yuvraaj and sees Baba. Baba asks what is she saying. Suhani says I have really seen Yuvraaj. He says its your illusion, I hope you realize how bad is sin and repenting is not so easy. She says maybe I should rest. She goes.

She thinks something is wrong, I have seen Yuvraaj, how did he go suddenly. Baby and Baba tie up Yuvraaj again. Baby tells Baba that she attacked on Yuvraaj, its just one day for holi. Baby gives her something.

Suhani tells Pratima and Bhavna that Yuvraaj is really alive. Bhavna asks where did he go. Suhani says Baba disappeared him, he said its my illusion, I m sure Yuvraaj is alive. Pratima says my Yuvraaj is alive and cries. Suhani says Lord wants him to meet us, so he got him in front of us.

Baby says Suhani was acting. Baby says its fine, let her act, I don’t care, its holika dahan today, we will end this chapter, let’s see what Suhani does.

Pratima tells Suhani that its holika dahan today. Bhavna says it means its victory day for Baba. Suhani says good wins over evil. Dadi asks what are they saying, I thought Suhani is ill and sad, she is thinking to celebrate, we can’t think of this as Yuvraaj is not with us. Suhani says yes, we were thinking why did this happen with us. Dadi says good never happens with good people, so we will not celebrate holika. Baba comes and asks Dadi how can she do this, Holika is to burn evil, today all the evil will burn, prepare for evening puja. Dadi agrees.

Suhani says Baba has thought of something, he has made his plan, he will not get Yuvraaj out before holika dahan. Bhavna says it will be very late. Yuvraaj sees a phone near his feet and uses his toe to call Suhani. Suhani says I will do holika dahan preparatins so that we can save Yuvraaj. Pratima answers call. Yuvraaj talks to Suhani and says I m locked in backyard, there is a secret room, come soon. Suhani says I m coming soon. Pratima says Yuvraaj is alive, and hugs Suhani. He says Suhani’s belief has won, we will get Yuvraaj back.

Suhani goes to backyard and sees Baba. She says Yuvraaj is calling me, he wants to say I m doing wrong, he said I should wait for him till next birth, I also feel so, I will wait for him. Baba says don’t worry, you won’t get any call from tonight, go and prepare for holika dahan. She thinks I will save Yuvraaj any how.

Baba goes to Yuvraaj and hurts him. Yuvraaj asks him to leave. Baba says I m going to burn you alive. Yuvraaj says Suhani will come to save me. Baba asks why, what did you do by this phone.Yuvraaj says nothing, you snatched phone before I did something.

Pratima asks Suhani to get some items for holika. Baba says she can’t go, she has to be here. Pratima says fine, but she has to get items from market before holika, we are doing this for Yuvraaj, I want to get some bhog. Baba says you are creating hurdle in puja. She says I m a mother and doing this for my son, don’t worry Lord will understand.

Suhani comes to backyard and does not find Yuvraaj. Baba’s men tie up Yuvraaj and put him inside a coffin. Suhani comes to Pratima and Bhavna, and says Yuvraaj is not there, where did Baba go, he has hidden Yuvraaj. Baba and his men get the coffin there. Pratima asks what’s this. Dadi lights the holika. Baba drags the coffin there. Suhani looks on.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baba says sin will burn today. Suhani scolds him and says you can’t kill my Yuvraaj, shut up.

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