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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Yuvraaj checking Champakali details. He looks outside. He keeps the files in the locker. Suhani come there wearing hood. Yuvraaj catches her and sees her. Music plays…… He holds her in arms. Saware…..plays……. He asks what happened to you. She asks what were you doing. He says I heard some sound and was just defending, did you get affected of Baby and got greedy. She asks him not to joke. He asks her when did you fall so low, where did Jhansi ki rani go. She says she went with Yuvaan, I can’t lose anyone, promise me you won’t leave me. He hugs her and promises, he won’t go anywhere leaving her. He kisses her forehead and holds her close to kiss.

Yuvraaj and Suhani sleep. He wakes up and sees her. He holds her face. He thinks Suhani is very strong, I won’t let your courage break, I can’t see such state of yours, Baby just have 24 hours, her down counting begins.

Suhani looks happy. Bhavna asks what happened, you look happy. Suhani says yes, I have a surprise. Yuvraaj comes and greets them. Bhavna says so this is the reason of your smile. He says Bhavna I told you to take care of Suhani, not to make her fat. Rags says its effect of late night samosas. Dadi asks him where did he go. Bhavna asks did you get anything. Suhani sees Baby coming and holds Yuvraaj. He says actually, we have much loss, around 5 crores. Baby thinks such a big loss, time is going bad. She sits to dine. She gets the plate and sees Champakali written. She gets tensed and covers it. Suhani asks her to take parathas. Baby refuses. Dadi asks her to move glass from plate. Baby drops the plate to hide it. She says I will have fruits, I m not hungry. She goes. Dadi says why did Baby do this, what happened to her. Rags says don’t know. Yuvraaj and Suhani smile.

Baby goes to Yuvraaj’s room and looks for something. She does not get any clue. She sits on bed and thinks there is something here. Suhani comes from washroom and sees Baby. She asks do you want something. Baby asks for headache medicine. Suhani gives her. Baby thanks her and goes. Suhani gets her jacket and calls Yuvraaj. She says Baby got a doubt, but she did not get anything, what, in her room….

Baby goes to her room and gets ghungroos on bed. She gets shocked. She opens cupboard. A dummy falls on her. She gets shocked and reads the note. The person writes that he wants to see her real avatar, how she used to dance, she has to show her talent in this house today, if you don’t agree, then everyone will know your truth. Baby makes a plan and goes outside. She wears gloves and puts some cloth in the drain pipe. She says the family will run out of the house by the bad smell. She calls someone and says send someone in an hour at Birla house to clean the toilet pipe. Suhani asks what’s all this. Rags says I can’t stay in this bad smell. Dadi asks why is toilet water not flushing out. Suhani says don’t know. Baby says I booked room in hotel, we will go there. Bhavna asks how will we go, who will get pipes repaired. Yuvraaj signs Suhani. Suhani says maybe Baby thought something.

Yuvraaj says maybe Baby wants to supervise. Baby says I will get that cleaned, you all go. Rags asks what. Bhavna says let her do this, she has troubled us a lot. They leave. Baby thinks I will see who is threatening me, I will end his chapter today.

Its night, Bhavna keeps a gun with her. She prepares to dance. She gets shocked seeing the masked guy coming. He gives her money and asks her to dance. Baby starts dancing. Ram chahe…..plays……… Suhani records Baby’s performance. Baby aims the gun at Yuvraaj. Suhani worries.

Baby says I m fine. Inspector comes to arrest Champakali. Suhani makes Baby fall down.

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