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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Rags calling out Baby. Baby hides the gun. Rags asks what are you doing. Baby says he was killing me. She does not see anyone. Baby sees Dadi, Suhani, Rags and Bhavna. Dadi asks what did you do in this house, why did you wear these clothes, tell me. Suhani asks Baby to say, why did you wear such clothes. Baby says I was helping my friend. Bhavna asks will you help anyone like this. Yuvraaj comes. Baby lies and says I was my college’s famous performer, they want me to give celebrity performance. Bhavna says so you should have gone to college to practice, what are you doing at home.

Baby says I did all this for atmosphere, I m method actor. Suhani thinks she is expert is making stories. Yuvraaj says fine, but how did you get this gun, is this also a part of your college. Baby says I m fine, I will call college, ask anyone. She goes.

Yuvraaj makes Suhani sit. He says she easily lied, our plan flopped. She says Baby was going to attack on me. He says she thinks I m her old client, she is very clever, I m fine, I will be aware like today. She says I won’t take risk, if I did not come on time, you forgot what she did with Baba. He says we have to think something. Tiger comes. Yuvraaj cheers up Suhani. He asks tiger does Suhani need to get scared, see he is saying no. Suhani says do something that Baby does not doubt. Yuvraaj says he agrees with us. They smile. He says let’s attack Baby directly. She says yes, we should attack on her identity. He nods.

Baby thinks if he threatens me again then..She says this man and that Suhani will ruin my life. Bhavna and Rags smile and sign. Baby packs the bag. Yuvraaj comes outside her door and scares her. She tries to hide. Yuvraaj catches her. She tries to run away, and locks the door. Suhani and everyone hide. Baby’s hair gets stuck. She sees the man coming and gets tensed. She runs. They get the sample of Baby’s hair. Suhani says we have to take her DNA, we will prove she is fake Baby by her DNA. Bhavna says everything will be fine now. Its morning, everyone come to have breakfast. Pratima says everything will be fine. Yuvraaj says yes, some people have to go from here. Dadi asks Baby when are you going. Baby asks where am I going. Yuvraaj asks why, you said you are going for some drama. Baby says yes, I m going college. Rags asks are you going or running away. Baby asks why will I run, I m fine.

Police comes. Inspector says you are not going anywhere. Rags asks did you come to meet anyone. Inspector says Champakali. Dadi asks who. Baby tries to go. Bhavna stops her. Baby says I m not running away. Suhani makes Baby fall down. Inspector catches Baby. Baby asks who is Champakali. Suhani says you are Champakali, its proved by your DNA, you are a dancer, who were changing identity and cheated us. Baby asks how will you prove this. Rags says we proved it, that you are Champakali. Bhavna says you know your hair got stuck to the pillar, we got a hair sample and did Dna test. Suhani asks whom were you scared that time. Yuvraaj comes with the mask. Baby gets tensed. He removes the hood and mask. Baby gets shocked seeing him.

Baby says Suhani, I need to talk to you in private. Yuvraaj asks her to get lost. Baby tells Suhani that she is just going for fraud, how will you prove the murder attempt on Dadi. She hurts Suhani. Constable catches her. Pratima asks police to take Baby. Baby is taken away. Yuvraaj hugs Suhani. Suhani says Baby asked how will we prove she tried to kill Dadi, she is going just for fraud case. Rags says she is right, she will come out soon. Yuvraaj says I will give statement to police. Suhani sees Yuvaan smiling.

Inspector interrogates Baby. Baby acts to faint. She injures the lady and gets out of jail.

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