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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th April 2017 watch online Episode on

The Episode starts with everyone waiting outside Krishna’s room. Yuvraaj comes and says Baby has run away. Rags asks him to complain to commissioner. Doctor comes and says Krishna did not get much hurt, Suhani should be with her, I could not save the baby. They get shocked. Doctor says she fell over her stomach, its dangerous to get hurt in early pregnancy. Suhani says I did not push her intentionally, I have pushed her to save her. Pratima says you did not do wrong. Doctor says I did not tell anything to Krishna, maybe she can’t conceive again. Suhani says we have to talk to other doctor. Yuvraaj talks to doctor. Doctor says you can take second opinion, we have to do advanced tests. He says fine, I will see. She goes.

Pratima sees the cradle and says everything will be fine. Suhani says how could Baby escape from jail. Bhavna says Saiyyam called, I did not tell about the incident. Suhani says Baby crossed limits this time, I will not leave her. Pratima says Krishna needs us now. Bhavna says we should go to her.

Baby runs on the road and gets tired. She sees water pot. She washes her face and hands. She sees the beggars there and sits with them. She thinks I will not ruin you Suhani, you got enmity with wrong person. Man throws money for her.

Suhani says I will just go and see Krishna once. Suhani goes to Krishna and thinks you have to fight, you can’t lose. Krishna wakes up and asks Suhani is her baby fine. Suhani asks her to take rest, and not think anything. She thinks I can’t tell truth to Krishna, she can’t bear it. Krishna asks for Yuvraaj. Suhani says they all are outside and takes her. Yuvraaj comes to Pratima . He says Krishna can never conceive. They get shocked. Bhavna says Krishna can’t bear this truth. They turn and see Krishna at the door. Krishna asks Yuvraaj did I lose my child. He gets silent.

Suhani says Krishna, I did all this to save your life. Krishna cries and says my child died, I can never become a mum now. She goes. Yuvraaj stops Suhani. Suhani says she needs me, and goes after Krishna. Krishna shuts the door and cries. Suhani calls her out. Bhavna takes Suhani.

Krishna sees the toys and cries. Suhani cries and hugs Yuvraaj.

Krishna removes the baby pics. She throws the toy and cries. Yuvraaj makes Suhani sleep and sits by her side. Suhani wakes up and sees Krishna and her pic. She hugs the pic. Yuvraaj holds her.

Pratima and Bhavna talk about Suhani saving Krishna. Krishna comes and says it would have been good if bell fell on me and anything happened to me, I would have not gone through this pain. Bhavna says I understand. Krishna cries. Bhavna consoles her. Pratima says I m sure your heart will get light tomorrow.

Its morning, Suhani sees some poor people outside the house. She says what are they doing here. Krishna says I don’t wish to do all this. Pratima says you will feel good by donating things to poor, you will get peace. Baby comes there and sees Suhani. She thinks to give such pain to Suhani which she can’t bear. Suhani gives aarti plate to Krishna. Krishna turns away. Pratima asks her not to turn away. Krishna takes aarti. Suhani asks what are they all doing here. Krishna says my child died, so we are donating things for soul peace. Baby thinks Lord taught a good lesson to Saiyyam, he cheated me, I will use this and hurt Suhani.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna gives clothes to Baby. Baby says Suhani snatched your child, Suhani does not care for me and you. Suhani sees them.

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