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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st March 2017 Video Watch online.

The Episode starts with all the family photo frames breaking and falling down. Dadi and everyone come there and see the mess. They read everyone is impure here written on the wall and worry. Dadi asks who has done this. Suhani asks Baby did you start all this again. Yuvaan says no, she was with me, she did not do anything. Dadi asks then who did this. Baba comes there and does tandav. Suhani asks him what’s this. Baba says everything is impure here, we will keep havan tomorrow morning. Dadi agrees. Suhani asks Dadi why are you believing him. Baba scares Dadi more. Dadi asks Suhani to do as he says, as he is doing this for house peace.

Baby gets her toy and tells Yuvaan that this toy is like comforter for her. He says its okay, you can keep lights on and sleep. She thanks him. He goes to sleep. She smiles seeing toy. Suhani and everyone clear the mess. Suhani gets hurt by toy. Yuvraaj cares for her. She says we did wrong by calling Baba. He says we have to make sure he does not do wrong. She says Dadi will make him leave once she knows truth. He acts like Baba and they laugh. Baba’s assistant sees them.

Its morning, Baba does the havan puja. He asks who is Krishna. Dadi shows Krishna. He tells Krishna’s background and asks her to come to him. Dadi asks her to go. He asks Krishna not to be scared. Suhani signs her to go. The man asks Krishna to hold camphor in her hand. He says I will burn this, but nothing will happen to you, just the bad powers here will end. The man lights matchstick. Yuvraaj asks what are you doing.

Saiyyam angrily stops the man. Everyone get shocked. Baba scolds Saiyyam and says you are creating hurdle in our pure puja, being an illegitimate. Suhani says enough, what type of Baba are you, you are fraud, you are hurting others. Baba says I will leave, I m humiliated here. Dadi says no, burn the camphor in my hands. The man keeps camphor in her hand. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to stop, what are you doing. Dadi says I will complete this puja and see who stops this puja. Suhani pours water in havan kund and blows off the fire. Baba calls Suhani a sinner and scolds her. He says now none can save this house.

Suhani says stop this drama, my Lord is happy with us. He says enough, I can’t bear it now, I told you there should be no hurdle, but Suhani has insulted me, now see everyone related to this girl will get ruined. He starts leaving. Dadi begs him to stop and forgive her. She scolds Suhani. She asks Baba to stay back. He leaves.

Baby gets Dadi and shows Baba in the room. She says I have convinced Baba and got him back, he is ready to give us one more chance. He says yes, I m pleased by Dadi’s devotion. Dadi thanks him. He gives her prasad and asks her to make everyone eat prasad, else there will be many deaths. Dadi says no, I will give prasad to everyone.

Dadi tells everyone that she got Baba back, she does not want to lose anyone. She asks Baby to give prasad to everyone. Baby’s nose bleeds. She gets critical. Saiyyam asks what’s in this potli, did Baby eat it. Krishna says it has prasad in it. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to call doctor. She asks Bhavna to get some food for Baby. Dadi worries for Baby. Baba comes to treat Baby. He heals Baby by his spiritual powers. Baby says I feel better now, don’t know what happened to me, I felt like someone has held me tight. Dadi asks Baby not to worry. She asks Baba to do anything but make bad shadow leave from her house.

Yuvraaj goes to talk to Dadi. Suhani goes to meet Baba. Yuvraaj says we are worried for Baby and Krishna, it happened because of that Baba. Baba says so you are blaming me. Suhani says I m protective about my family, you won’t get money, tell me if you need anything else.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Precap:
Baba says I will do after my work ends, I want to do good to this house, I will leave when Chandrakala asks me to leave.

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