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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th March 2017 Written Episode


The Episode starts with Dadi asking what did this happen in my house. Yuvraaj says Dadi, don’t talk in between, you don’t know what happened. Dadi says I know, Baby told me everything. Baby hugs Dadi. Suhani says she killed Yuvaan. Dadi says you killed Yuvaan, Baba’s incident was a shock for us, we could not forget anything, Baby was trying to tell us truth, you really got mad. Yuvraaj says you are in shock. Suhani says I did not do anything, my son died, what can you expect from me. He says I m not mad to believe you killed Yuvaan. He shouts on everyone. Rags says Suhani’s mental state is not find. Yuvraaj blames Dadi for all this. Rags says Suhani is responsible for Yuvaan’s death, you can’t blame Dadi, Yuvaan wrote in letter about Suhani.

Suhani says no, its all a lie. Inspector says we will decide that. Dadi asks who called you. Inspector says we have our informers, I arrest Suhani for Yuvaan’s murder. Dadi says don’t arrest her, her mental state is not fine, she needs treatment. Inspector says court will decide that. Yuvraaj hugs Suhani and asks her not to worry. Suhani is taken by police. Baby smiles.

Everyone mourn for Yuvaan’s death. Dadi cries. Krishna says how did this happen. Saiyyam says its something wrong, I feel Baby is connected to this. Baby comes. Everyone pity her. Baby sheds crocodile tears. Baby consoles Dadi.

Krishna says don’t say anything, it will be big problem. Pandit asks family members to feed Gangajal to Yuvaan, then they will take him for final rites. Dadi recalls Yuvaan and cries. She does the rituals. Baby cries. Krishna thinks of Yuvaan and cries. They all feed gangajal to Yuvaan. Yuvraaj comes. They all see Yuvraaj. Constable gets Suhani home.

Yuvraaj says I will feed gangajal to Yuvaan, but first Suhani will feed him. Baby cries and says no, this woman has killed my husband. Yuvraaj says nothing is proved, Suhani is Yuvaan’s mum, you can’t stop her. Suhani feeds gangajal to Yuvaan. She thinks of him. She asks him to open eyes once, give me one chance, I promise I will make everything fine. Dadi asks what’s left now, you killed your son. Suhani says Baby killed him, you are supporting her. Dadi asks inspector to take Suhani away.

Bhavna stops Dadi and says Suhani is Yuvaan’s mum. Suhani cries. Dadi scolds Suhani and says Yuvraaj stayed in jail for 20 years, Lord did justice now and sent you to jail, inspector punish Suhani strictly. Baby says Suhani is not mentally fine, I think she needs treatment. They all cry. Bhavna says Yuvraaj, tell everyone that Suhani did not kill Yuvaan. Suhani is taken away.

Doctor talks to Suhani about Yuvaan. Suhani says I was going to tell Baby’s truth to Yuvaan, but I could not, he did not wait for me. Baby comes and argues. Suhani says you are eclipse on our house. Baby says stop it, you never wanted me to marry Yuvaan, I loved him. Suhani gets angry and says I will tell you meaning of love. Baby says she can kill anyone in her anger. Suhani says you are murderer, I will kill you, I wish I shot you by your gun. Baby asks what nonsense, she should be in mental hospital. Bhavna calms down Suhani.

Doctor sees Suhani and says Suhani is not in her senses, we have to take some strict steps. Inspector agrees. Lawyer says if we prove Suhani is not mentally fine, we can lessen her punishment. Dadi says we won’t do this, Suhani should not get freed. Yuvraaj tells his lawyer that if Suhani goes jail for Yuvaan’s murder, you will punish Dadi as partner in crime. Dadi asks what. Yuvraaj says yes, you are responsible for Suhani’s state, you got baba home, you were making Suhani marry that baba, if you are blaming Suhani, you are also responsible. Baby hears them. Baby thinks to handle Yuvraaj.

Suhani is given mental shocks. Bhavna asks Suhani not to lose courage, Yuvraaj will take you from here. Krishna comes to Yuvraaj. She cries and holds him. Yuvraaj sits sad. Bhavna comes and cries. She says police came outside.

Suhani comes home with Krishna, Bhavna and Saiyyam. They get shocked seeing Yuvraaj marrying Baby.

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