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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baby asking Suhani to wear ghungroos and dance, and then apologize. Everyone get shocked. Baby says it will be entertainment for guests too. Krishna asks Baby what is she making Suhani do. Baby asks Krishna to talk with manners, as she is her mum in law now. Pratima says this does not happen in our house, this is not way to make someone apologize. Baby says Dadi always punished me, this time Dadi promised I will get what I want. She leaves it to Suhani to decide. She says if she refuses, it will be insult of Dadi’s promise. Suhani says I will do this, Dadi promised and I will fulfill it, I have a condition for this. She calls out Yuvraaj. She says I will dance only when Yuvraaj makes me wear this ghungroo.

She asks Baby to accept her condition. Yuvraaj makes Suhani wear the ghungroos. Baby asks Suhani to realize she is wrong. She says Suhani will be punished. She asks Saiyyam to play music. Saiyyam goes to play music. Krishna gets music glasses. Yuvraaj makes Krishna stumble. The juice glasses fall over the music system. Saiyyam asks Krishna is she fine. Baby sees the music system damaged. Dadi scolds Krishna for spoiling everything. She asks Krishna to go and clean the floor.

Baby asks Yuvraaj to play CD. Music player does not work. He says maybe it got damaged. Pratima says Lord does not want you to make Suhani do this. Baby says no, its Suhani’s punishment, she has to dance. Saiyyam asks what punishment. Baby says she tried to kill me. Saiyyam says I said shut up. He removes the ghungroos from Suhani’s feet.

He sees the dupatta beads and plucks it. He recalls Baby showing the dupatta beads to Dadi. He understands Baby’s trick and fumes. He asks Baby to come with him, and drags her to kitchen. Everyone go after them. He shows the beads in hand and drops them on ground.

He says so you have done this and showed someone tried to kill you, right. He turns the gas knobs and holds Baby there. He asks Baby to admit it that she framed Suhani. Baby says I did everything. Everyone look on. Saiyyam says good, and twists her hand angrily. He asks her to say did Suhani leave gas on or not. He shouts on her.

Baby says no. Dadi gets shocked. Saiyyam leaves Baby’s hand and smiles. He goes to Dadi and says you can see there is no crime, why punishment then. He holds Suhani’s hand and takes her. Suhani sees Yuvraaj and thanks him. She leaves with Saiyyam.

Krishna gives water to Suhani. Saiyyam says congrats, you fell on right place for the first time. Suhani says she did not fall, she was made to fall. He asks what to do you mean. Pratima says Yuvraaj did this. Suhani says he did not wish me to dance. He asks why did you make you wear ghungroo. Suhani says when someone truly loves a person, he gets helpless to do this, I m sure there is something big. Pratima says I know Baby can go to any extent, he is doing this because of Baby. Saiyyam says then prove it, I think he is troubling you, you are my mum, I won’t let this happen. She says fine.

Suhani thinks what did Baby do, why is Yuvraaj agreeing to her, how could she blame me for Yuvaan’s death. She sees Yuvaan’s pic and says what did this happen. She gets Baby’s video call. Baby shows her Yuvraaj sleeping. Baby acts cheap and disgusting. She goes close to him to kiss. Suhani angrily tries to throw the phone. She stops on seeing Baby. Baby asks why did you not see the film, did you get tired seeing just trailer. Suhani says I have seen Yuvraaj sleeping on sofa. Baby says so what, you thought you will win, he will sleep with me on bed soon, men like younger aged girls more, like I trapped your son, I won’t take much time to trap your husband.

Its morning, Suhani receives a parcel. Baby comes and takes parcel, saying I m Mrs. Yuvraaj Birla. She asks Suhani to hold it, till she signs. She drops the dress box down. She shows the red dress to Suhani and says I asked Yuvraaj, can I take this dress, he said yes, I told you before, men will be men. Dadi comes. Baby takes her greetings and says I kept fast today. Pratima says its good, but Suhani is keeping this fast for Yuvraaj all these years. Dadi says now Baby will keep fast. She gives a gift to Baby. Baby thanks Dadi. Dadi, still in her blind madness, says I always wanted a bahu who knows meaning of external beauty. Suhani says its good Dadi, you got your choice of bahu. Dadi asks Baby to get ready well. She goes.

Baby taunts Suhani. Suhani says just love matters in life. Baby says Yuvraaj will be mine. Suhani says I m saying about Yuvaan, he was a nice person, if you loved him, he would have kept world at your feet, I regret you did not understand him, if you like to play games, I will win it, Yuvraaj will break my fast. Baby asks what happened today. Suhani says you made Yuvaan’s death a game, I will clear it, I will win this game. She goes.

Krishna checks dresses. Saiyyam says that red one. Krishna asks what are you doing, you scared me. He says I m having kheer, mum made this for me, you can take a bite. She smiles and says no, I kept a fast. He says you don’t need to do this. She says I know, but Suhani will get happiness, she holds herself responsible for Yuvaan and Baby’s relation, I don’t want her to feel bad about our relation, I know this marriage does not matter to you, I don’t want Suhani to know this, she will feel she ruined children’s lives. He holds her hand and says I know this marriage is not ideal, but I m not upset. She says yes, but I meant Suhani should not feel bad.

Saiyyam says I can’t believe Baby is so cheap, Yuvaan and Baby did love marriage, by going against everyone. Baby hears them. Baby adds something in the oil bowl.

Baby does Yuvraaj’s aarti. Yuvraaj takes laddoo to feed her.

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