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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rags scolding the men and asking who said this. The men say Shukla told us, we got to know its someone’s sin and father is missing. Saiyyam gets angry and says shut up, Yuvraaj Birla is the father, who died. Dadi says people used to take Birla family name with respect, now they are laughing. The man asks who is this guy to talk to us, we came here to help. Suhani stops Saiyyam and says don’t beat them, they came here to help. Pratima says you don’t need to get insulted Suhani.

Suhani says no, they are not insulting me, my husband got shot and saved my life, will you guys die for me, if anyone fixes bomb to my child’s body, will you give your life. The man says no, why will I, its not my child. Suhani says then get lost. Saiyyam shouts on those men and sends them. Suhani says this child will come in this world and get Birla family name, he will make Birla family name shine like Yuvraaj, Yuvraaj’s name will always be there with me. Saiyyam holds her.

Suhani goes to room and sees Yuvraaj’s pic. She cries. She says its not so easy, how shall I face this, I won’t cry. Bhavna comes to her and hugs. Saiyyam sits angry and thinks of those men. Pratima comes to him. He asks did this happen before my birth, did Suhani bear all this, I m sure she has tolerated a lot as my dad did such a cheap thing. Pratima says it was Sambhav’s mistake, nothing happened because of you, Yuvraaj went to jail for saving Suhani, Suhani fought for you, a child never gives problems to a mum, mum gets courage by her child. He says yes, today I will become her support and encourage her. She asks him to say this to Suhani and hugs him. She goes. Saiyyam sees Krishna upset. He says I don’t want any unwanted child to come in this world and bear all this, which I went through, I won’t let wrong happen with the child.

Bhavna says when Amit left me with Golu, Yuvraaj always supported me like a brother, he was a nice man, I will always support you. Suhani says thanks, but this is not easy. Bhavna says but we will win. Rags welcomes her friends and tells Dadi that she thought to do a party at home for a change. The lady says we wanted to invite Rags in party, but Yuvraaj’s death… Rags says I know, but Dadi is fine now. The lady asks will Suhani not feel bad. Rags says no, she is happy, she is pregnant. Krishna comes. The lady asks about Bhavna.

Krishna says she went to temple. The ladies see Krishna. Rags asks her to make snacks for them. She says Krishna had a miscarriage, so she can make food now. Krishna goes to kitchen and cries. Pratima comes to her and wipes her tears. She says we will make something today, you teach me new things, I will teach you old time dishes. Krishna says I know that, Suhani taught me. Pratima says Suhani taught you a lot, like not to think of anyone’s words.

The lady asks Dadi how are you bearing this, everyone is laughing on this world. Suhani hears them. Rags says I know, but Suhani does not listen. Dadi says yes, Suhani thinks its Yuvraaj’s sign. Rags says Yuvani is also Yuvraaj’s sign, Suhani wants a son. The lady says this would be reason, she wants a son. Krishna says I hope they like the smileys. Pratima says it does not happen what we want, its our good luck if we get this, else its useless to think about it. Suhani cries. Pratima sees Suhani and calls her out. She goes.

Rags says I heard mums are jealous of their daughters and try to reduce weight and turn modern, so that people compliment them, I think Suhani has this disease, she is jealous of Krishna. Krishna hears them. Dadi says maybe Rags is right, everyone was paying attention to Krishna, maybe Suhani is jealous. Rags says Krishna had miscarriage. Dadi says now Krishna can’t have a child. The lady says Suhani slapped her.

Suhani and Pratima come. Suhani asks Krishna to stop. She asks the ladies are they not ashamed to taunt Krishna. She says Rags did not become mum ever, what does she know about a mum, Rags decided it herself, did I taunt her, did we tell anything and insult you, that you can’t become a mum ever. Rags says shut up Suhani. Suhani says you are happy that someone is like you in this house, you are hurt, Krishna is also hurt, I m ashamed that this happened because of me, I curse myself, but you all taunt Krishna, remember one thing, Krishna is my daughter, if anyone hurts her, then they have to face me first. Rags and Dadi leave. The ladies leave.

Krishna hugs Pratima and says I don’t want to live. Pratima says no, don’t say this. Rags says enough Dadi, now either of me or Suhani will stay here, she called me Baanch and insulted me, its my life, Suhani should not interfere. Suhani says you should not interfere in my life, this baby is Yuvraaj’s child, I don’t care if you are ashamed, if you want me not to interfere in your life, you also don’t interfere. Rags says I will interfere in your life as people are insulting us. Suhani says insult me, leave troubling Krishna. She says Krishna can’t bear this, she lost her child, she knows she can’t become mum again, leave her Dadi, she was saying she will die, if she does anything to herself then, this baby is Yuvraaj’s Ansh, I don’t want a son, I had a son whom I lost by my own mistake, now I have two daughters, I want to see Krishna becoming mum. Dadi asks how can she become mum now.

Suhani says I will give my child to Krishna, she will become mum. Dadi and Rags see each other. Suhani says Yuvraaj will come back in this world, I know you never regarded Krishna as this house’s part, but she is Yuvraaj’s daughter, I want to bring Yuvraaj’s final sign in this world, if he was here, if I told him, he would have supported me, don’t know why you are not supporting me, I have Yuvani and Saiyyam, I m not greedy for another child, I don’t want to do anything without Yuvraaj, I want to see Krishna becoming mum, its not easy for me, its very tough, but I will do this, Dadi you may have forgot Soumya gave her life to save Yuvaan, how can I move back if its about Krishna now, I fold hands Dadi, let this child come in this world, please. She goes. Dadi cries and says Suhani told me many times its Yuvraaj’s ansh, I couldn’t understand, I thought she is saying this to bring shame. Rags says I did not think Suhani can think such a thing. They cry.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishna goes to commit suicide. Suhani asks her to open the door.

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