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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with doctor saying Dadi got head injury, we can say something after she gets conscious. Dadi gets conscious. Baby asks her to have juice, she will feel better. Dadi asks Pratima did you keep new maid without asking me. Everyone look on puzzled.

Dadi asks Pratima why did she not see maid’s dark color. Pratima asks what are you saying. Suhani says we will talk to her later, come. Dadi says Amma mai and gets up. She covers herself with ghunghat and greets Suhani as Amma mai. She asks Baby to leave and calls her maid. Everyone look on. Pratima asks Dadi what did you call her. Dadi asks are you mad to misbehave in front of Amma mai. Doctor asks Dadi to take rest. Dadi says how can I rest when Amma mai is standing in front of me, doctor does not know, I will not sit.

Pratima asks Suhani to tell Dadi to lie down. Suhani asks Dadi to take rest. Dadi says fine, as you say. Yuvraaj and Sharad ask Pratima what was all this, who is Amma mai. Pratima says Amma mai was Dadi’s Saas. Suhani asks why is Dadi calling me Amma mai. Doctor says she feels you are her Amma mai, she lost memory by getting hit on head. Yuvraaj says Dadi’s mum in law.

Suhani asks did Amma mai look like me. Pratima says no. Sharad laughs and says how can Suhani look Saas to Dadi. Doctor says tiger attacked her, she got much stress and shock, she recalled old thing. Yuvraaj asks when will she get fine. Doctor says anything can happen. Sharad says Dadi always insulted Suhani and now she is respecting her as Amma mai. Doctor checks Yuvaan and says you are alright, what’s these blood marks on your fingers. Yuvaan asks did you scratch-tear anyone. Yuvaan says no, I was with everyone. Baby asks Yuvani not to trouble Yuvaan and argues. Yuvaan says relax, I don’t remember about this blood. He feels hurt. Doctor checks him and gives him antiseptic. Yuvani thinks what’s this, how did he get these marks when he is saying he did not see that tiger.

Doctor asks Suhani how is she now. Suhani says I m fine, why did Dadi say that, when she dislikes me. Doctor says exactly, she dislikes you, so she is seeing her Saas in you, as she would dislike her Saas too, on a serious note, maybe she lost her partial memory.

Yuvraaj comes to Pratima and asks do you know Amma Mai. Pratima says yes, she was strict towards Dadi, everyone had to agree to her decisions, everyone had to stay according to her. Yuvraaj says I hope she gets fine. Pratima goes. Yuvraaj holds Dadi’s hand and says please, get fine, this house is vacant without your scolding, get up. Dadi wakes up and sees him. She takes her hand away. He asks what happened Dadi. She asks how dare you hold my hand, is your mind at place. He gets shocked.

Suhani, Pratima and others come. Dadi greets Suhani and says I was not doing wrong, this Suresh was holding my hand, its his mistake, you punish him. Yuvraaj says Dadi, I m not Suresh. Dadi says whoever, you are servant, you have no right to sit with me. Suhani says but.. Dadi says don’t punish me Amma mai. Suhani says get up, I will punish Suresh. She asks Yuvraaj to go out.

Dadi asks Suhani why did she wear such clothes, it looks good, I did not see you this way before, so I felt strange, sorry if you felt my question bad. She rests to sleep. Suhani and Pratima see each other. Suhani tells Bhavna that Dadi thinks I m Amma mai. Yuvraaj says she feels I m house servant Suresh. Pratima says Suresh was Ramesh’s father, he used to work here. Sharad laughs and says servant, Yuvraaj does not look so bad that anyone thinks he is servant. Yuvraaj says very funny, when you go to Dadi…. what will she say. Suhani says what happened to Dadi, you are joking on her state. Bhavna says doctor said she lost partial memory.

Doctor asks them to agree to Dadi. He asks Suhani to become Amma mai for some days. Suhani asks what. Doctor says yes, she can’t bear truth stress, you all have to do this drama, we will see her improvement, get these medicines for her. Yuvraaj and everyone look at Sharad. Sharad asks what happened, why are you all seeing me, I will not…. Yuvraaj says you will go, you don’t have any past with Dadi. Bhavna says I will come with you.

Suhani stands in balcony. Yuvraaj comes to her. She asks how did you come at night. He says I was not feeling good, I thought to come back soon, everything is fine now, go and get our candle. She says I will call everyone. He says no, this is our personal moment, just you and me. They smile and see each other. Tere bin….plays…….

Sharad and Bhavna go to Dadi. Sharad keeps medicines. Dadi stops him calling him Babuji. Sharad and Bhavna get shocked. Dadi asks Babuji did you want anything. Sharad says no, its not like you are thinking, I m not your… Bhavna stops him and holds his hand. Dadi asks who are you, are you Babuji’s friend’s daughter, did Amma mai send you. Bhavna tells him that Babuji means Dadi’s father in law. Dadi sees them holding hands and asks what’s going on Babuji, where is Amma mai.

Suhani says everything got fine after long time. Yuvraaj says yes, we will go on honeymoon. She asks what, our children did not go, how will we go. He says if they are boring, it does not mean we don’t go. She pats him and laughs. They take the chinese lantern.

Dadi asks Suhani to wear Amma mai’s clothes. Pratima asks Suhani to change. Dadi asks Baby to sweep floor well.

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