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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Krishna building Baby’s hut. Baby hides and looks on. Rags and Baby smile. Krishna works hard to make the hut. Saiyyam gets thinking. Suhani comes to him. She says you are happy by insulting Baby. Saiyyam says no, you know she is a mean cheap woman. She says you can tell about her nature, not her looks. He says both are same. She says then you would be ashamed of me. He says no, you are not such, her heart and face are ugly. She says she is a bad girl by heart, you should not tell about her looks. He says sorry, I won’t say.

Baby comes to Krishna and smiles. Suhani comes there and sees Krishna. Baby says don’t worry, I won’t tell Dadi that you helped me. Krishna asks what. Baby says you helped me in my hut making. Krishna says this is cheating, I will tell Dadi. Baby says go and tell you were helping Suhani. Krishna says sorry aunty, Baby messaged me from your phone. Suhani says its fine, Baby has habit to take credit of other’s work. Baby asks Suhani how will she win now. Suhani says Krishna made nice hut, but Baby is forgetting Krishna learnt this from me, I m her Guru.

Suhani ties the ropes to the bamboos and cuts bamboos to make the hut. She gets tired by working under the sun. She gets dizzy. Yuvraaj comes and holds her. He asks are you fine. She says you here. He says I can’t see you like this, wait. He makes Suhani sit. Suhani says I have to end this. He says I will finish that, Suhani this is our house, we have to make this together. He helps her. She sees him and asks why did he break her house. He says I was helpless.

She says what helplessness. She shouts Yuvraaj and her imagination ends. She gets sad. She resumes making her hut. Baby comes to trouble her. She says we will check if this is strong. She breaks Suhani’s hut. She says you have lost. She claps and goes thinking how she has cut the ropes from the bamboos in Suhani’s absence. Suhani cries.

Yuvraaj comes. He asks why are you doing this, why is this needed. She says its needed, why did you remarry, why were you helpless, I m not a kid to go and fight with every girl, I m your wife and gave my life to you, I have right on you, I can’t lose you. He says don’t fight for me. She says I m fighting for my family, I don’t want to stay here, I realize I m a bad mum to not know Yuvaan’s life was in danger, I have started machine, I don’t want to be here. She sits crying. He goes. She thinks of Yuvaan’s words. Yuvaan reminds her words to not lose till the end. She calls out Yuvaan. She says whatever be the circumstances, we should never lose.

Saiyyam shows the cutter to Baby and says I got this cutter from Baby’s room. Krishna says I have seen Suhani’s hut broken. Saiyyam says I will not leave Baby. Pratima says if we talk to Baby without proof, things will be tough for Suhani. Saiyyam asks what shall I do. Pratima says good wins always, we will answer Baby, I will tell how, come.

Baby and Rags joke on Suhani and laugh. Baby says I did not get anything by marrying Yuvaan. Rags asks what. Baby serves her more wine. They drink. Saiyyam says I will not leave Baby. Suhani reminds Baby was his friend. He says I regret for it, an eye for an eye. Suhani says world will get blind, what will be difference between her and us. He asks what shall we do. Krishna gets bamboos and ropes. Suhani and Pratima praise Krishna. Pratima says we have an hour to stay in this competition. Yuvraaj looks on and goes. He sees Baby drunk. He calls her out and asks what are you doing here. She says no, I was going out, I came to use washroom. Wine bottle rolls out of the room.

Yuvraaj says I know what you were doing, don’t know when will Rags leave alcohol, will you do my work, my friend gave me wine bottle, give it to Rags and give her company. Baby says fine, I will do work. He says its okay, I will tell Pratima you are with Rags.

Pratima, Suhani, Saiyyam and Krishna together make the hut. Baby goes to Rags. She sees Rags sleeping and thinks what to do now. She keeps the bottle and thinks to go and see Suhani. Dadi asks Baby what is she doing here. Yuvraaj says Rags is unwell, I have sent her to Rags. Baby says Rags is fine now. Dadi says we will see Baby’s hut. He says we will see Rags. Dadi says let Rags sleep, come we will see hut.

Baby thinks what’s happening, why is Yuvraaj not letting Dadi go out. Dadi goes out and sees Suhani and Baby’s huts. Baby comes out and gets shocked seeing Suhani’s hut. Pratima, Krishna and Saiyyam come. Baby asks how did this happen. Dadi says Suhani made her hut, it will be second test, Baby and Suhani will stay in their huts and protect it, none will help them even if storm comes.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baby goes to burn Suhani’s hut. Two goons catch Baby. Suhani says leave her and beats the goons. Baby throws soil in Suhani’s eyes. Suhani screams.

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