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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd April 2017 watch online on

The Episode starts with Baby thinking to lie to Dadi. Sanjay says I still have time to prove my marriage, pandit and family will tell Dadi the truth. Baby comes and acts caring towards Rimjhim. She hugs Rimjhim. Dadi asks her what’s happening, why are you loving this girl. Baby says Dadi, Sanjay was not lying, he is my husband, Rimjhim is my daughter. Everyone get shocked. Dadi asks what. Baby says I have run away leaving her, now I realized my mistake.

Dadi slaps Baby for breaking her trust. She slaps again for ruining Yuvraaj’s life. Dadi scolds Baby. Rags also scolds Baby. Pratima says we were not believing Sanjay so that injustice does not happen with you, but you proved us wrong. Rimjhim says we will go home.

Baby thinks what happened to Dadi, why is she so angry, she wrote in will about my child, I think someone played game with me, I got caught. She asks Dadi to listen to her. Dadi asks her to pack her bags and leave. She asks Rags to check her bags, she shouldn’t take anything from our house. Dadi goes.

Baby packs her bags. Rags comes and asks really Baby, daughter, husband? I don’t understand, if you left them, why did you accept truth, you should have denied. Suhani tells Yuvaan that she made Baby out of house, it got late, else you would have been here. Pratima looks on and cries. He says if I was gone, how would I be here. Rags says I told you to kick out Suhani, you did not listen to me, I m sure Suhani has done this, you should think of Yuvraaj. Baby asks what shall I do now. Rags says its no use to think now.

Pratima asks Suhani what happened. Suhani sees Yuvaan gone. Pratima asks why are you crying, you should be happy that Baby is leaving. Suhani says Yuvaan won’t come back if Baby goes, I feel Yuvaan is alive, I m not able to find him. Pratima hugs her and thinks to talk to Yuvraaj, Suhani can go in depression.

Baby asks Sanjay why did you do this, you did not take money. Sanjay says its fine, don’t waste time, you won’t understand. Baby thinks I understand everything. She calls Sanjay’s wife there. His wife beats him. Dadi and everyone see this. Dadi gets shocked. Yuvraaj asks what’s happening. Sanjay says I came to earn money this way. His wife scolds him. Yuvraaj asks why did you not take money from Baby.

Baby asks Sanjay to say truth why he did this acting. Sanjay says I thought I can get more money by acting. Dadi scolds him. His wife asks Dadi not to send him to jail, he won’t do this again, I promise, let us go.

Baby asks Dadi to leave it, why to punish his wife and daughter. Dadi says fine, but he should not be seen here, go. Sanjay and his family goes. Yuvraaj says I don’t understand why you called Sanjay your husband and Rimjhim your daughter. Dadi asks why did you take blame on your head. Baby recalls will. She says I did this for Rimjhim, they are poor, Sanjay promised Rimjhim to get new clothes and toys for her if I accept her as daughter, else he would beat her a lot. Dadi says poor girl. Baby says I m an orphan, when I see such torturing parents, I thank Lord for keeping me an orphan. She taunts Suhani.

Dadi says its fine, go inside. Suhani looks on. Suhani and Pratima talk. Suhani says Baby keeps an eye on Yuvraaj, we can’t talk to him. Pratima says we have to be careful. Sanjay calls Suhani. Suhani asks him how did his wife come. He says sorry, I think Baby has stolen my phone and spoke to my wife. Suhani says its fine. Suhani sees Baby hearing them. Suhani says I don’t want any loan and ends call. Baby asks why are you seeing me this way. She asks Suhani to make kheer for her, which Yuvraaj likes. She goes.

Suhani goes to make kheer. Baby comes to kitchen. Pratima goes. Baby asks Suhani to get bowl from outside. Suhani goes. Baby adds something in the kheer. She asks Suhani to have it first, you may have made plan to kill me. Suhani takes kheer and eats. Baby asks her to eat more. Baby smiles.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Baby goes to her room and shouts to Dadi to come fast and see. Dadi and Pratima see Yuvraaj and Suhani sleeping together.

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