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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th March 2017 Written Update Previews


In Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th March 2017 Written Update episode you watch The Episode starts with Dadi asking everyone not to help Suhani and Baby.Pratima says you know Baby can do anything, be careful.Its night, Suhani rests in her hut and thinks of Yuvaan.

Baby says I have right to trouble the one who killed my husband.Saiyyam says I m getting strong feeling, Baby will do something, she used tospoil other kidshouses in school picnic so that her house looks good, its matterof property and house here.She says I know Suhani will answer Baby if she does anything.

He says yes, but Suhani is in guilt, I know Baby will use this.Baby thinks what to do to ruin Suhani, I will ignite fire with this lantern, everyone will feel fire caught by mistake.She hears the goons asking Baby to give the bangles, else they will kill her.

Baby thinks to go and burn the hut by dropping the lantern.Pratima, Saiyyam and Krishna come there and look on.Baby says don’t know, I m sure my enemies have sent them.Pratima says don’t lie, I have seen you have intentionally thrown soil in Suhani’seyes, you did cheated.

Pratima says I will say, I called them, they are stuntman, I wanted to see howSuhani and Baby if their huts are attacked, truth is infront of us, Suhani foughtto save her hut and Baby cheated, competition is over, you said you will choosewinner seeing hardwork, tell me who won.

Dadi says after seeing all this, I decide that Suhani is the winner.Suhani sees the washing machine and says I did not know you are in machine.Baby says how can Suhani win, I was going to burn her hut.Rags says relax, I know what you are feeling, Suhani always come home, I didnot leave trying.Yuvaan comes and says you did not know anything, I m sure you will find outwhat happened with me.

Rags says you should be angry, if Suhani stays here, Yuvraaj can’t forget her, Baby has nothing less, she is perfect for our house.Rags says we have to convince Yuvraaj that Suhani is not right for this house, and Baby is perfect.Dadi asks how will this happen, Baby can’t make Suhani lose in house work.Its morning, Dadi says I called you all here, as I m facing problem in business, Iwant Suhani to help me, my competitor is launching new fairness cream, it willbe our big loss, we also have to launch a new cream tomorrow, Suhani if yousolve my problem, you will have house keys.

Suhani says I don’t want to fight for my rights, you can give keys to anyone ifyou want, I helped before in business, I will help again.Dadi says this is not fight, I did not ask Baby, I lost belief in her.

In Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will watch Suhani makes the cream. Baby adds chemical in cream and says this mixture is harsh, if anyone apply this, there will be rashes. Keep Watching .

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