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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Dadi forcing Yuvraaj to marry Bhavna. She asks Suresh is he not understand what she is saying. Suhani recalls doctor’s words. She shouts Chandrakala and asks do you think I m dead, I m still alive, I did not die, my laws will rule in this house, you did not ask me anything before deciding this, let them go, this marriage will not happen. Dadi says no, this marriage…. Suhani scolds her. She takes Dadi to punish her. Suhani asks Dadi to stay in outhouse and not step here till I say. Dadi apologizes. Suhani asks Krishna to drop Dadi out. Pratima asks Krishna to go.

Krishna takes Dadi. Suhani says sorry, I had no way, this was the only way to stop marriage and make Dadi fine, Pratima said Amma mai was strict, maybe Dadi gets fine by this. Yuvraaj says Suhani is right. Suhani says from today, I will behave like Amma mai. They all agree.

Dadi tells Krishna that I always listen to Amma mai, and still I get punished. Suhani comes to meet her. She asks were you backbiting about me. Dadi says no. Suhani says doctor came to see you. Dadi says I m fine, why. Doctor says you need treatment, you are unwell. Dadi says I m fine. Suhani says no, will you go ahead of me, are you mad. She asks doctor to check Dadi.

Doctor checks Dadi and gives prescription. He says Dadi is fine and sends her. He asks Suhani to behave same well and maybe she gets frustrated and comes out of that phase, its not good for her age patient to stay in that phase for long time. Doctor goes. Yurvaaj says we all don’t know about Amma mai, if anything wrong happens. Suhani says nothing wrong will happen.

Saiyyam asks the servant to throw the woods and also clean the place. Yuvaan goes to help servant in keeping puja items in storeroom. Krishna thanks Saiyyam for messaging her to move away from mandap, else she would have got drenched, did you just message me, do I had to say everyone. He says that message was just for you. He goes. She smiles. Baby looks on and says Yuvaan was also there, why did he not message to tell me.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to practice and talk in dominanting role. She rehearses and says I m scared. He says I m a servant, and I can’t help, think its such a good chance to take revenge from Dadi. She smiles and says don’t make me laugh, let me focus. She practices. Baby gives medicines to Yuvaan. He refuses to have it. She insists. He says I m not a kid, you can’t force me. She says I worry for you, so I asked you to have medicines, I m not like you, you did not message me knowing I m near mandap, Saiyyam messaged Krishna. He says I did not have time. She asks how did Saiyyam get time. He says he was just standing there. He thinks I forgot to tell Baby, but Saiyyam remembered, when did he start caring for Krishna. She thinks he is useless and makes a face.

Its morning, Krishna sees Dadi arranging the table. She goes to help Dadi. Dadi says I will to do this alone. Suhani comes and sits. Dadi greets her. Sharad says food looks tasty today. Dadi says I made everything today. Everyone sit to dine. Dadi asks how did Suresh and Baby sat on dining table. Suhani says I want everyone to sit together and dine, do you have any problem. Dadi says no. Suhani asks her to sit.

Suhani asks Krishna to give fruits to Dadi. Baby coughs by eating the spicy food. Baby says its too spicy, I can’t have it. Dadi asks Baby to sit quiet. Baby says who eats so much chilli. Suhani asks Dadi did you make food. Dadi says no. Krishna says I made this dish, chilli got much. Baby scolds Krishna. Saiyyam shouts on Krishna and asks her to stay as maid. He taunts Baby. Dadi says its fine if chilli got high, why is this maid making issue. Saiyyam says yes, Baby can move chilli and say. Baby asks Yuvaan to say something. Dadi asks them to be quiet now and have breakfast, Amma mai does not like issues. Dadi goes.

Yuvaan says what shall I say, Saiyyam is just acting in front of Dadi. Saiyyam says yes, I don’t care if food is spicy or not. Krishna asks why. Saiyyam says because we both got raised in orphanage, it was much that we got food. Everyone feel bad.

Suhani calls doctor and says Dadi did not get angry, I will send her out today, thanks. She tells Krishna that we have to send Dadi out and make her do tough things. Krishna asks what will you make her do. Suhani says I have many tasks. Krishna says tell me if you need any help. Suhani asks do you want to help Dadi. Krishna says yes, I miss her taunts, I used to feel I m part of family, sorry to spoil breakfast. Suhani says its enough you thought this for Dadi, Saiyyam defended you, I m glad, Saiyyam should understand to respect Bhabhi. Krishna says he was acting, he did not do this for me. Suhani says no, I know truth. He can’t fool me, he did not like Baby disrespecting you, Saiyyam should take care of you and manage other relations also, he has to take family ahead together.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Dadi asks who is there. She sees someone with a knife in hand. The man goes to Baby.

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