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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th April 2017 watch online on

The Episode starts with Baby saying this is your punishment. She taunts Suhani. Yuvraaj comes there as a Sheikh. He says I will pay money for entire act. The men argue and say we also paid for it. Baby says thanks but no thanks, we have no interest. Yuvraaj says if you want… and shows money in the suitcase. She gets stunned. He asks them to make the men out. Baby asks men to go and give them money back. The men badmouth and leave.

Yuvraaj winks to Suhani. Suhani cries. Yuvraaj says I can give you more money if you want. Baby asks really, I will dance for you, but I want all money. He says but dancer is that girl. Baby says so what, Suhani you leave, I will dance. Dadi asks what’s happening Baby. Baby gets shocked. Dadi scolds Baby. Yuvraaj says I m giving her money and she will dance for me. Rags asks him to leave. Yuvraaj goes.

Dadi asks Baby how can she think to do this, does she not care for family respect. Baby says it was Suhani’s punishment. Dadi says punishment is given in limits. She asks Suhani to go and change. Suhani goes. Baby says the woman who crossed limit with my husband. Dadi says enough, not a word more.

Yuvaan comes to Suhani and says you can’t bear this, you have to do something. She says calm down. He says she is insulting you, evil is winning. She promises to make everything fine. He goes. Yuvraaj comes there. He says you are hurt, how did you agree to dance, that girl crossed limits, we have to give her answer in her language. She says she can’t do anything till we are together. He says I know, but we have to teach a big lesson. She says yes, we have to take big step. He says Baby is pure evil, I did not see such cheap girl in my life. They hear Saiyyam shouting and go out.

Saiyyam shouts to Baby. Suhani comes. Saiyyam shows posters and asks what’s this, how dare she does this. Suhani says calm down. Krishna says how long will we tolerate this. Saiyyam says enough, I won’t tolerate. Suhani says its my matter, I will decide. Saiyyam says you are my mum, I don’t need your permission to protect you. Suhani asks him to listen. He asks her to leave hand. She slaps him. He stops. Bay comes and smiles. Saiyyam leaves.

Baby goes to Yuvraaj and finds him angry. He says I know you are an orphan, since you came here, everyone gave you love. She says except Suhani. He says she accepted you for Yuvaan, none gave you right to do this, Suhani is elder in age and status, think if anyone did this with you, how would you feel. She shouts shut up, don’t talk to me this way else… He asks what will you do, will you send Suhani to jail, you are punishing her. Baby shouts Yuvraaj, don’t you dare, I m not here to hear lecture. Dadi looks on and shouts Baby. He goes.

Dadi scolds her for shouting on Yuvraaj. Baby says I did not say anything, he was talking badly. Dadi says I don’t care, he is Yuvraaj Birla, I did not give anyone the right to talk badly with him, learn to stay in manners else…. She goes.

Suhani goes to Krishna. Krishna makes some dinner arrangements. Krishna says Saiyyam went for walk. Suhani says I did not wish to slap him. Krishna says he won’t see quietly if anyone insults you. Suhani says but he has to see, I don’t want to lose other son.

Baby throws clothes out of cupboard and says there is no use to marry Yuvraaj. She gets some papers and checks. She smiles.

Krishna waits for Saiyyam. She beautifully decorates the room. She calls Saiyyam. She smiles seeing him at the door. He looks around. She says come, I did all this for you, sit. He smiles and asks really. She says yes, your mood was bad, I did this to cheer you up, I made your fav kheer. He says you did much for me, its my duty to do something for you. She says no, but if you got gift for me, you can give me. He says gift, of course, first close eyes. He gives her some papers and asks her to open eyes now.

She sees some papers. He says take this gift, you will identify this, you used to write these love letters for Yuvaan. He throws the papers and turns to go. Suhani comes and asks what’s this misbehavior, why are you getting Krishna’s past in between, can’t you see what she did for you. He says its my personal matter, don’t interfere. She says Krishna is my daughter. He says fine, she is your daughter, Yuvaan is your son, then who am I. He goes. Baby smiles.

Saiyyam stands in lawn. He hears footsteps and says Krishna I… He turns and sees Baby. He says I don’t want to talk to you. She acts and says I did big mistake, I forgot we always won by our cheat, nothing right happened with me after I left you. He says you did this, now bear it. She says its your mistake to marry Krishna. He says I was taking revenge, you went and married Yuvaan. She says I thought everyone will get fine but that Suhani… He says that’s your mistake, I have no interest to listen. She says fine, but you can help me in rectifying mistake. He asks what help.

She says we were happy together and did mistake, your mum does not love you, she always loved Yuvaan,, even your wife loved Yuvaan, not you, even I married such man whom Suhani will snatch, then we will be ruined, we have chance to get our happiness, I know you agree with me, right? Suhani sees Baby holding Saiyyam’s hands.

Saiyyam comes back to room. Yuvraaj asks did she get convinced. Saiyyam says yes. Krishna says thank God. Saiyyam says she said we will work together, she said she did not get any benefit by marrying you. Yuvraaj looks on. Suhani comes and scolds Saiyyam for holding Baby’s hands. Krishna says no. Suhani says be quiet, you don’t know what he did. Krishna says he went to join hands with Baby. Suhani says yes, but what’s happening. Yuvraaj says this is big step to stop Baby.

Saiyyam says Baby came to help me here, but she got blind seeing money, I married Krishna to take revenge from you, she married Yuvaan and then Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says yes, she did not get any property. Krishna says this was my plan to make Baby sure that we are not happy together. Suhani says it means Saiyyam was acting. Saiyyam says yes. Suhani asks Yuvraaj not to risk children’s lives. Yuvraaj says I told you we can’t backout. Suhani says Saiyyam and I got involved in this plan by our wish. Saiyyam says this plan is working, we have no option, you have to trust us. Suhani says fine. Krishna says now Baby’s failure is definite.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baby says I made superb plan to kill Dadi. Saiyyam asks how. She says I have fixed hitting bulbs in her room. Suhani hears this and runs to Dadi.

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