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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Krishna saying I felt bad when Saiyyam said about orphanage, I have seen his pain. Suhani says yes, we have to make him forget all that bad dreams. Krishna asks her to guide her in making pulao. Suhani asks do you want to make it for Saiyyam. Krishna says mumma used to praise it. Suhani says I will tell you. Dadi comes and says Amma mai, puja got over. Suhani gives her more work and asks her to see everything herself. Dadi goes.

Yuvaan asks Baby did you see how Saiyyam took Krishna’s stand in front of everyone. Baby says yes. Yuvaan says they used to hate each other, Krishna wanted to marry me, Saiyyam is showing as if they are perfect couple. She says Saiyyam insulted me. He says he was acting in front of Dadi, but he is caring for Krishna to hurt her after

some time. She asks him to focus on her than Krishna. He says I think I should inform Krishna. She says go to hell, I need to go spa, give me money. She takes his card and goes.

Dadi and Bhavna come home. Dadi says I m tired, Amma mai makes me work hard, it would be good to separate son and bahu. Bhavna gets water. Dadi asks her not to tell Amma mai. Bhavna says sure, have water. Dadi says there is someone outside. Servant comes. They go and do not see someone standing outside.

Krishna gets food for Saiyyam. Krishna thinks where did Saiyyam go, no I can’t ask him to know, it will look strange. She keeps food and writes note, your dinner. Bhavna says I will drop you to outhouse, Amma mai would have slept, don’t worry, go there and rest, when Amma mai gets up, she will know work is over. Dadi goes. She sees someone with a knife and asks who is there. She worries.

Saiyyam sees Krishna sleeping. He sees the food kept and also gets her note. He smiles. He does not eat and goes to freshen up. The power goes.

Yuvaan comes there with a knife. He sees Krishna sleeping. Dadi shouts and tells Bhavna that someone came in our house, he had knife in hand, come. Yuvaan sits near Krishna and thinks where is Saiyyam. Dadi says see the footprints, check this. Bhavna looks through the door mirror. She sees Yuvaan with a knife in Krishna’s room. Yuvaan goes to bathroom to attack on Saiyyam. Bhavna gets shocked. She says what is Yuvaan doing there with a knife. A photo frame falls.

Krishna wakes up. Bhavna knocks the door. Krishna sees Yuvaan in her room, still standing with knife in his hand. She takes dustbin and throws on Yuvaan’s head. Yuvaan looks for the knife. Krishna shouts to Saiyyam asking him not to come out. She asks Yuvaan what is he doing. Yuvaan gets the knife. Saiyyam comes out of washroom. Yuvaan attacks on him. Saiyyam fights back. Krishna stops Yuvaan and asks Saiyyam is he fine. Dadi says come, we have to inform Amma mai. She goes and knocks Suhani’s room door. Suhani wakes up and asks what happened.

Dadi says there is someone in our house, he has knife in hand. Bhavna tells Suhani that Yuvaan is in Saiyyam and Krishna’s room. They all knock door and ask Yuvaan to open the door. Yuvaan pishes Krishna and beats up Saiyyam. Saiyyam fights. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to do something. Bhavna says Yuvaan had knife in his hand, he maybe attacking Saiyyam. Yuvraaj and Sharad hit the door and break it. They switch on the lights, and see Yuvaan attacking Saiyyam while Krishna tries to stop him.

Yuvaan realizes everyone has come. Saiyyam pushes him and gets up. Saiyyam’s arm bleeds. Yuvaan holds his head and stares at Saiyyam. Suhani, Yuvraaj and everyone get shocked. Yuvaan goes to stab Saiyyam again. Yuvraaj and Sharad hold Yuvaan back. Suhani asks Yuvaan did he go mad. Yuvraaj shouts Yuvaan……

Baby asks Yuvaan to stop. Suhani slaps Yuvaan angrily. Yuvaan falls on the floor. Saiyyam cries in pain. Krishna holds Saiyyam. Yuvaan comes to senses. Suhani asks did you get mad Yuvaan. Yuvaan sees the knife and gives a blank look. He asks Suhani how am I here. They get shocked.

He sits holding his head, pulling hair in pain and faints. They all worry and check him, asking him to get up. Krishna and Saiyyam look on shocked.

Doctor checks Yuvaan. He asks don’t you remember anything, what you did and why you did that. Yuvaan says no. Doctor asks him to show his medicines. He asks Baby to show medicines. Baby worries and drops one medicine. She hides that and gets other. Suhani asks Baby to show that strip also. Baby says this is my vitamin tablets, not Yuvaan’s medicines.

Doctor says medicines are fine, I feel the incident happened has some internal injury, this is side effect, we will do his tests and scans, and know the situation. Yuvraaj says sure. Doctor asks Suhani and Yuvraaj to come with him to talk. They all go. Doctor tells them that Yuvaan has major mental problem, I have to talk to some good neurologist, till then keep him in calm matter. He goes. Suhani worries. Saiyyam comes there holding his wounded arm. Suhani says sorry Yuvaan, I got scared seeing you and Saiyyam fighting. Yuvaan says I should be sorry. Saiyyam ties the bandage to his wound. Suhani sees him. She asks Yuvaan to rest. She goes and helps Saiyyam in tying the bandage cloth.

Yuvraaj says doctor said Yuvaan’s report will come tomorrow, where is Suhani. Sharad says Dadi is not in outhouse. Suhani says Dadi’s life is in danger, we have to find her.

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