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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Saiyyam asking Suhani not to feel bad by her sons’ fight. She says I m a mum, I feel bad when children fight, sorry Yuvaan did that because…. He says its fine, I heard doctor. Baby asks Yuvaan what’s happening, you are becoming animal day by day. Krishna and Yuvani come. Krishna asks why did you do that. Yuvaan says how did you get this idea, tell me truth, will anyone ignore your doing. Krishna says I know things are not fine between you and Saiyyam, it does not mean you try to kill him. Saiyyam comes and says stop it, Yuvaan was not in senses when he did that. He sits with Yuvaan and says I don’t know what happened to you, life taught me, what’s seen is not always true, if you see truth is someone’s eyes, then you should trust him once, I m just judging you for this incident, no one has right to judge Yuvaan. He says I really hope you forget all this soon.

Suhani looks on. Yuvraaj comes and says doctor said Yuvaan’s report will come till tomorrow, and Dadi…. where is Dadi. They all try to find Dadi and do not get her anywhere. Sharad says she is not in outhouse also. Suhani recalls Dadi has seen Yuvraaj and her together, it means Dadi…. Sharad asks did she go anywhere. Suhani says her life maybe in danger. They look for Dadi. Bhavna says its not good for her to leave Dadi in such state. Suhani hears sound and asks Bhavna to call everyone. Suhani sees Dadi tying rope knot to her neck and committing suicide. Suhani asks her to stop drama and come down. Dadi says how can you do this, how can you stay with a servant at night. They all come and get shocked. Pratima and Sharad ask Dadi to come down. Dadi stops.

Baby thinks I wish Dadi died, we would have got peace. Dadi drinks water. Dadi says I don’t know how to tell Babu ji. Suhani asks what do you have to say, what do you think, are you mad to blame your mum in law, I will punish you. Dadi asks what did I do. Suhani says how can you spread my affair rumor, did you just get this servant Suresh. Yuvraaj says its nothing like that, I m a straight man and can’t think of this.

Suhani says he has sleepwalking problem, so he was there. Sharad says yes, I explained Suresh many times. Dadi worries and apologizes to Suhani. Yuvraaj signs Suhani. Suhani says you want me to leave from here, I knew your motives, you want to rule here, you want me to go right. Dadi says never, forgive me. Suhani stops her and asks her to stay at home.

Dadi says there was one treatment for sleepwalking people, I will show. She goes and gets a stick. She hits on Yuvraaj’s head. They all get shocked. Dadi says beating with stick breaks the person’s sleep, you can also try this. She goes. Sharad laughs. Pratima cares for Yuvraaj. Suhani says sorry Yuvraaj…. and smiles.

Krishna comes to room and laughs. Saiyyam asks why are you laughing, that your friend has beaten me. She keeps haldi milk for him and asks him to drink, wound will heal soon. She looks for her mangalsutra. He asks what are you finding. She says my mangalsutra is lost.

He says your friend has broken it. She asks why will he do that, he is happy with Baby. He says I doubt anyone can be happy with Baby, I did not mean that, I meant it got broken during fight. She asks how do you know. He gives mangalsutra and says because I fixed it, you can give it for repair at any jewelry shop, your wish. He drinks the haldi milk and goes. She smiles and thinks he fixed my mangalsutra without saying anything, it means he also wants our relation to get fine. Pratima cares for Yuvraaj. He says its seriously hurting. Sharad jokes that you got hit by Dadi for first time, did you get Dadi’s love or not. Suhani laughs. Pratima asks why did you say sleepwalking. Suhani says he gave that idea. They laugh. He says I will stay in outhouse, no one cares for me. Pratima says no, stay here with me. Sharad says I will stay in guest room by excuse. Suhani says we have just 15 days to make Dadi fine. Dadi calls Suresh and asks for green tea. Yuvraaj goes.

Yuvaan says what’s happening. Baby says if Dadi hanged today, your mom would have been blamed. He says shut up, I m worried that if I murdered Saiyyam, I would have gone jail. Baby says its fine if he got killed. He asks what’s wrong with you. He asks her to tie his hands, so that he does not hurt anyone. She says you won’t do anything, have your medicines. He refuses. She says doctor gave this. He says fine, you have to tie my hands first. She makes him have medicines and ties his hands.

Yuvraaj is with Dadi. Sharad plays a song and dances with Bhavna. Yuvraaj hears song and goes out. Flower petals fall on them. She keeps walkie talkie in his pocket. Suhani sings and connects to Yuvraaj. He smiles. Sharad and Bhavna dance over the table. Krishna smiles seeing Saiyyam sleeping. She walks ahead a vase falls. She shuts ears. She sees Saiyyam still sleeping and goes.

Suhani and Yuvraaj come to hall and see Sharad and Bhavna. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to hit him with a stick. Yuvraaj scares him and throws stick. He hugs Sharad. They all have a group hug. Yuvraaj says Dadi finally slept. Pratima asks him to sleep. Yuvraaj says it reminded of college days, I had many gfs. Suhani says it was my first time. He says I was my college hero, so there were many girls. She gets annoyed. She says I m going to sleep. He holds her. She asks what are you doing. He says I m teaching you romance. She asks are you love guru. He says what to do, when wife does not know romance, person has to teach her. She takes stick and goes to beat him. He says sorry and runs.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Suhani bumps into Baby. Baby’s packet falls. She says sorry and goes. Suhani picks something.

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