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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rags talking to her friend. Her friend asks her to take her share and hift abroad. Rags says I will talk to Dadi. She sees Rekha and stops her. Saiyyam gets tea for everyone. He asks for Suhani. Pratima says she went to meet doctor, stay with Krishna, I will go and see. Dadi thinks where did Suhani go, I have to find out, did she get doubt. She goes. Rags asks Rekha about Dadi. Rekha says Anshika is fine, Dadi is in hospital, my husband’s blood matched with Anshika. Rags thinks why did Dadi not come home. She says fantastic, I will discuss my plan with her. Suhani goes to meet doctor.

Pratima asks what are you doing, why are you worried. Suhani says everything is fine. Dadi looks on and thinks Suhani should say her worry to Pratima. Suhani says I will find truth, doctor said baby is premature, you be with Krishna. Pratima says just say truth to me, I m ready to accept it. Suhani hugs her and goes. Rags calls Dadi to talk. Dadi says call later, I m busy. She goes to stop Suhani. Suhani meets doctor and asks why did you not tell me, baby is premature. Doctor says no, its some confusion. Suhani asks him to talk to baby’s doctor. Nurse comes and says come soon, you have to do emergency delivery. Doctor goes and says there is no one here. He sees Dadi. Dadi pays nurse and sends her. He says you lied. Dadi says you have have told truth to Suhani. He says she will know truth. She pays him money and asks him to go out of city for some time. He agrees and goes. Doctor gets bag and talks to Dadi on phone. He says I can’t take risk, I m leaving from city. Dadi says you should have agreed to me before.

Rags comes and says I need money, I was thinking to sell shares. Dadi scolds her and says I gave you shares and can take it back anytime. Rags asks why. Dadi says its my wish. Rags says now you will love that baby. Dadi says yes, you should have a child. She scolds Rags and asks her to leave. Rags gets angry and throws vase. He says I served Dadi all my life, and today Dadi is scolding me, I will take more money than my share and leave.

Suhani comes to doctor’s house and says I have to ask him, why did he come without answering. She rings bell. She goes inside the house by window. Rags steals the cash and jewelry. She collides with Yuvani. Yuvani asks where are you going in hurry. Rags says I m going in friend’s kitty. Yuvani doubts on her. She sees the keys. Suhani checks the doctor’s house. Rags sells the jewelry to some man and takes money. Suhani gets envelop and says someone from Birla house gave money to doctor, why will Dadi do this, she is happy since Anshika came. Rags says what, just 40 lakhs, this has diamond jewelry and company shares too. He says fine, I will arrange money. She asks him to get money first. He goes Suhani comes out of house and thinks.

Yuvani says why was Rags doing, why will she sell jewelry, I should talk to Rags. She stops Rags and asks how was kitty party. Rags says oh yes, it was good. Yuvani asks did you do shopping, show me. Rags pushes her and scolds her. She goes. Yuvani says I feel something bad is going to happen. Bhavna asks what do you mean, what was in Rags’ bag. Yuvani says Dadi’s jewelry.

Pratima plays with Anshika. Suhani looks on. Pratima says you could not see Yuvraaj and know him, its fine, I will tell Suhani to tell you about Yuvraaj. Suhani takes Anshika and says its not like I don’t love you, I stay away so that you be with Saiyyam and Krishna. Bhavna asks what, why did Rags need much money, is she in any problem. Yuvani says don’t know. Krishna comes to Anshika and sees Suhani gone. She calms down Anshika. Saiyyam asks what happened. Everyone come and see Anshika crying. Suhani comes back. Pratima says Anshika is crying for toy. Krishna says you should have told me if you had to do bathroom. Saiyyam says its okay, relax. Krishna says I m just saying. Suhani says I can understand, you are her mum.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suhani says I will not lose easily, I will find my child. Dadi says send money in my account. Suhani hears Dadi.

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