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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Baby colliding with Suhani. Her packet falls. She picks her stuff and goes. Suhani picks something. Baby comes to room and thinks thank God Suhani did not see anything. She asks Yuvaan to get up and do something of her mother, as he is troubled with her. Baby gets a knife and thinks Suhani always come in my way. Someone is seen sleeping. Baby enters Suhani’s room. Suhani switches on the lights and sees Baby with the knife in hand. Suhani asks what were you doing, you came to kill me.

Yuvaan comes and says yes, she came to kill you, I told her to do this. Suhani and Baby get shocked. Yuvaan says I have to kill you now Maa, as you know the truth now. He gets a knife. He stabs Suhani. Baby gets shocked.

Suhani sees she is fine. Yuvaan laughs showing the fake knife. He says its a toy, even this one which Baby has. Suhani asks what’s all this. Yuvaan says I thought to make you laugh by this prank, I told this will not work, but Baby said it will work, it will be fun. He asks Baby to come. Suhani says wait, what’s this tiger nail doing with you. Yuvaan says I thought to scare you as tiger, its costume nail, sleep now, good night. They leave.

Yuvaan and Baby come to their room. He shuts the door. She asks him to listen. He slaps her hard. She falls on the bed. She asks how dare you. He asks how dare you think to kill my mum. She says what shall I do, no one respects you in this house, just Dadi used to support you, everyone thinks of Saiyyam. He asks did you do this for me. She cries and says yes. He asks what good did you do by giving me these medicines every day, tell me.

He recalls Baby giving him medicines. He hides the medicines under the bed. He says I understood the medicines are responsible, but you were trying to make me do murder by giving me medicines. She says yes, none would tell you anything, if I did this, they would have regarded me wrong.

He says no, you are much fallen, you did not think before taking anyone’s life. She says I love you, I can’t see anyone insulting you, so I did all this. He says you gave me medicines and made me do wrong work. She says you are ill, its imp to give these medicines as your stomach has drugs, what will you do if Suhani knows, what can I do if you are getting hallucinations by these medicines, I did everything for you. He says you will be leaving from here tomorrow morning. Suhani comes and asks why. Baby wipes her tears.

Yuvaan says Baby wants to go home, she does not have ticket charges and does not want to go away, I booked her ticket, she should go. Suhani says yes, Baby its your phone, have this, you forgot in your room. She goes. Yuvaan asks Baby to shut up. He shuts the door. He says I m going to sleep, and switches off lights.

Suhani worries. Yuvraaj sees her sitting alone. She says many things changed and we could not do anything. He asks what happened, I know its not about Dadi. She says I think Yuvaan and Baby have some problem, they were fighting and changed words seeing me, we should talk to them. He says no, its their live and marriage, we should not interfere, maybe they don’t want to share anything with us. She says Yuvaan married Baby by his wish. He says yes, he will feel guilty knowing you know about their fight. Krishna comes. Suhani asks did you not sleep. Krishna says I m going to keep glass in kitchen, I made haldi milk for Saiyyam. Yuvraaj says this situation is also because of us, you talk to Yuvaan in morning, I will talk to Krishna.

Its morning, Baby pack her bags and thinks why is spineless Yuvaan trying to be good now. She asks him not to make her leave. He asks her to leave, I can’t tell this to Suhani to create more problems, go now. She says Saiyyam was better than you. Suhani comes there. She asks Yuvaan why are you not going to drop Baby. He says I m not fine, driver will drop her. Baby goes.

Suhani asks shall I call doctor. He says no, I will get fine by rest. She says when Yuvraaj and I fought, we used to fight a lot as we were very different, we had courage to make wrong as right, we all fight, but we can solve it, if we run away, misunderstandings will increase.

Krishna sees Saiyyam’s shirt. Yuvraaj comes and asks what happened. She says nothing, I was folding clothes. He asks how. She asks why did you get this saree. He says Dadi asked for her saree, I have never folded clothes. Krishna helps him. He says I know your marriage did not happen by your wish, Saiyyam is a difficult man, I think few things settled now, what do you want to do. She asks what do you mean. He says if you are happy with him, you can stay, else…. She says no, I m fine. He asks sure. She says yes, he is not a bad man. He says but he is not a good man either. He explains her and shares his experience with her to help her out. He cares for Krishna and thinks what will be her decision.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Krishna says I like you Saiyyam. Yuvaan hears this and gives a last chance to Baby, asking her to come back. Suhani asks Baby to think well if she is serious about the relation.

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