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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna and Yuvani following Rags. Suhani asks why did Dadi act to love Anshika, I will find our daughter, she has right to stay here, if anything happened to her then, I will not lose so soon, Rags always does what Dadi says, else how would she get so much money. Rags keeps jewelry back and goes. Bhavna says why did she steal jewelry if she had to keep it back. Yuvani says that man did not get total amount. Bhavna says so she kept back by Dadi’s fear. She will steal again, we have to stop her. Yuvani asks how.

Saiyyam asks how did you ask this. Krishna says I asked her why did she leave Anshika alone. Saiyyam says Anshika is Suhani’s daughter, she won’t hurt Anshika, think before you say. She says I was not saying this. He says your drama always goes on. Krishna says fine, I will prove its nothing like that. Suhani asks what to do, how to find truth. Krishna goes to offer help.

She gives Anshika to Suhani. Saiyyam comes. Krishna says I will not forget that Anshika is Suhani’s daughter. Suhani says it will be your next test, I won’t let anything wrong happen with you. Dadi asks for some account transfer. She sees Suhani at door and asks what are you doing here. Suhani says I m not getting Anshika’s file. Dadi asks her to make Anshika lie there. Suhani leaves Anshika and thinks how much will Dadi care for Anshika, let’s see. Dadi checks Anshika’s fever. Suhani stays outside and says will Dadi worry or not, Anshika is not well, I kept wrong thermometer. Dadi asks Pratima to call doctor, if anything happens to Anshika. Suhani says no need, we got the file, I have medicines. Dadi thinks Suhani thinks she can make me lose by keeping wrong thermometer, I will be ahead in this game, as I have to make fair baby the heir of Birla family.

Suhani sits thinking and says I wanted to give all memories to my child. She sees chinese lantern. Rekha gets baby and gives to Suhani. Suhani talks to baby and tells about the chinese lantern, how Yuvraaj and she used to light lantern when they were happy. She shares her memories with baby and misses her child. Saiyyam plays with Anshika and asks her to call him Papa or Daddy. Krishna comes and says she won’t learn talking so early. He says fine, she can practice, she will learn from you, I won’t let this happen, she will say Daddy first.

Dadi says Suhani got doubt, I know her, she will find truth, which I don’t want. Krishna plays with Anshika. Saiyyam comes and says your mum is cheater, stay away from her, say Papa. Krishna says say mumma. They smile.

Suhani calls everyone to talk. She says so much happened, I don’t know what will happen to me, we want all of us to give our property share to Anshika. Pratima says I want to leave something for her. Rags says Suhani, you thought of Anshika, what about Yuvani’s future. Suhani says I m saying this division will happen later. Rags asks why shall I give my share to your child. Dadi says its nice idea, I have no objection. Dadi thinks it does not matter as Rags said no. She says I can’t take any decision about this. Bhavna says I have a plan.

Yuvani says I m thinking to do art course from London, its expensive. Bhavna says so what, everyone will help you. Rags says ask Suhani to save some money for you. Yuvani says I can manage my responsibility. She shows the travel agent details. Rags thinks to talk to that travel agent.

Suhani takes Rags’ belongings and thinks what will Rags do now. Bhavna sees Rags taking pic of pamphlet and leaving. Yuvani asks what was all this. Bhavna says Rags wants to settle in Singapore, so she has stolen jewelry, she will call on my number in some time.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rags gives property papers to Suhani. Pratima and Dadi agree to sign on it.

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