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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna seeing Rags. Yuvani checks some designs. She sprays in the shop. The man faints. Saiyyam asks what’s the matter, Krishna was saying something is troubling you. The man calls her and says you have sent pics, the guy with beard has taken the pen. She thinks why will Saiyyam do this. Yuvani acts as shop vendor and asks Rags to give jewelry to her. She fools Rags. Rags gives the jewelry and says I want money for this. Yuvani checks the bag. She sees the man falling down and holds him. Bhavna’s car does not start. She says don’t know what happened to this car. The jeweler says its late, I have to go back to shop. She asks him to listen. He goes. Bhavna worries.

Yuvani asks how much money did he say. Rags lies and says he said 60 lakhs. Yuvani gives her bag and asks her to count it. Rags sees the cash. She takes the bag and leaves. Bhavna acts of foot sprain. The jeweler helps her. Two women help her. Jeweler says they have come to help you, and leaves. Bhavna says I m fine, thanks, and runs after jeweler. Yuvani says this man slept, don’t know what happened. Jeweler wakes him. The man says I fainted. Yuvani says I tried to make him conscious, I thought he slept, I did not leave from shop as there was no one in your shop. The jeweler thanks her. Bhavna says we will leave now. She says we will teach a lesson to Rags now.

Suhani asks Saiyyam to say truth. She shows the pen and asks did you buy this. He asks how did you get this, I was finding it, its invisible ink pen, someone took it. She asks can I keep this. He says yes, but what will you do. She says I will write what’s in my heart, then it will disappear and none will know of it. He asks her to share things with him. She says sure, but I want to keep this pen. He goes.

She says someone used this pen, who is it, I will find out. She keeps the pen and thinks to see who worries seeing this pen. Pratima and Krishna come talking and see the pen. Krishna asks how did this pen come here. Krishna likes it. Rags comes. Suhani asks Rags is this her pen. Rags says no and goes.

Dadi comes there to take water. She sees the pen and worries. Suhani sees her. Dadi tries to break the pen. She dumps it in bin and says Suhani can’t prove anything. Suhani says Dadi did all this, why is Dadi doing this. She calls out Dadi. Dadi asks why are you shouting. Pratima asks why are you angry. Suhani asks Dadi did she snatch her baby. Dadi asks are you mad, what nonsense. Suhani says your truth, you have old habit to separate mum from children, you made Gauri away from Pratima, made Yuvani away from me, and snatched this child from me. She tells Pratima that Anshika is not my daughter.

Dadi asks on what basis are you saying this. Suhani says I have proof, why did you break this pen. Dadi says I broke a pen by mistake, you blamed me for such thing, I will not leave Suhani next time. Pratima says I did not know Suhani can blame anyone this way. Dadi and Pratima leave. Suhani looks on. Rekha comes to her. Suhani looks around and asks where are Pratima and Dadi. Rekha says you were alone, there is no one here. Suhani sits. Rekha asks her to play with her daughter for some time. Rekha goes.

Suhani says maybe I m overthinking, there is problem, but solution too, its not tough to catch Dadi. Saiyyam hears her. Krishna says so she was worried and smile on seeing baby. Saiyyam says yes, she stays relaxed and worried sometimes, she does not share her problems, I don’t want her to feel alone. Suhani comes.

Saiyyam acts like Big B and makes them smile. Suhani goes. He says something is wrong, I just know it. Rags meets Yuvani/travel agent. She gives the money. Bhavna hides and looks on. Yuvani says you are giving me fake money and want real ticket. Rags says no, its not fake money. Yuvani asks her to come to police station, I booked your ticket without advance, till you give me money, I won’t give you passport. She asks for her passport. Yuvani asks her to get lost. Rags thinks I got ruined and leaves. Bhavna comes and says we will do this acting till we make Rags realize her mistake. Dadi says child has come in family, we will give less charity this time. Pratima agrees and takes the cheque. Dadi gets a note. Someone asks her for money. Dadi thinks how dare this doctor threaten me. Suhani hides and looks on. She calls manager and asks for money.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadi and Suhani have an argument. Suhani confronts her. Dadi accepts of changing the child.

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