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Supriya oppress crossed limits enjoin Naren with shocking demand (Future story)

Naren’s master plan to escape Vyas Mansion with Pooja


Naren (Akshay Mhatre) -Pooja (Sheen Das) immortal love curing Pooja

Zee TV’s most popular and daily soap Piya Albela is up for some high voltage drama and some exciting twists in upcoming track.As per ongoing track Pooja is suffering  with major memory loss where she has started behaving like child.On other hand, Naren is supporting Pooja and takes up challenge to make Pooja better.While Surbhi is taking advantage of the situation thus provoking Supriya against Pooja.

Surpriya shocking order, Naren in major dilemma

Further, Supriya is fed up with Pooja’s nautanki where she thinks that it is not safe that Pooja is staying close to Naren.While In her such selfishness Supriya has forgotten that how Pooja supported her in difficult times.However, Supriya terror doesn’t end here shockingly Pooja order Naren to throw Pooja out of house.

Piya Albela: Pooja(Sheen Das) refuse to go with Naren(Akshay Mhatre) creating chaos

Viewers of Zee TV’s popular show Piya Albela will get to see some high voltage drama.Satish gives away all money and jewellery to Naina and asks her to leave forever but instead she goes to Vyas Mansion.Naren who was upset for keeping nurse for Pooja plan to take Pooja away with him to Daulatpur.

Naren leaves a letter for Supriya but Rahul hides it and informs Mr.Kapoor about Pooja’s location.Further, Mayank takes Pooja till bus stand on the pretext of going to mela and Naren meets her in bus.

Rahul – Mr Kapoor plan to kidnap Pooja

However, Pooja gets scared seeing Naren and refuses to go with him and tries to run away.Moreover, seeing the chaos, people start beating Naren for teasing Pooja but she stops everyone.In the meantime, it will be seen that Rahul and Mr.Kapoor will reach there and try to kidnap Pooja.

As they can’t live with mental anymore where Naren gets shattered with Supriya words.It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show?

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