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Suraj Chakor Vivaan Imli kidnapped by New Enemy blasting entry in Udaan

Imli's madness drama cooks new conspiracy for Vivaan Chakor Sooraj


Udaan: Suraj Chakor Vivaan Imli kidnapped by New Enemy blasting entry in Udaan

Colors daily soap Udaan is gearing up for a high voltage twist in the series.Suraj, Chakor, and Vivaan take Imli to Police station to get her punished for her crimes, Imli tries best to divide them by her policies but fails.They show their unity while arrive with Imjli to Police station.Shockingly some goons overtake their car and try to trap them.

Though Suraj, Chakor, and Vivaan doubt Imli, Imli claims that it’s not her plan,The goons put some smoke in their car where after they all faint in the car and get captive by their new enemy.Chakor, Vivaan and Sooraj bursts at Imli after gaseous bomb attack and blames her for all conspiracy.Imli refuses to have done anything but Chakor, Vivaan and Sooraj are not ready to believe and decides to take her to police station.Imli argues and refuses to have done anything, Imli now plays her masterstroke where she behaves as mad.

Imli’s madness dramaImli behaves as if she has gone mad and thus plays her next move, Vivaan, Chakor and Sooraj are puzzled.Vivaan, Chakor and Sooraj has doubt over Imli and calls doctor, is Imli playing some game. Suraj, Chakor, Vivaan, Imli’s new problem

Who is this new enemy?

And what is the evil motive behind kidnapping all the four?

Keep reading for all the exclusive reports of ‘Udaan’.

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