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Susheel to move on by forgetting the past


Susheel thinks of convincing Sarthi some how. The ladies get troubled by some dogs. Susheel goes back to Sarthi for a talk. She tries to handle the dogs. She falls down. Sarthi tames the dogs, which surprises Susheel. She surrenders to calm the dogs and tells Susheel that its not necessary to fight always. She likes the fact that Susheel took risk for others. She asks Susheel to drop the dogs at Leela’s house. Susheel finds it tough. Satya plays with Kiran, who asks about Susheel. He tells Kiran that Susheel will come soon. Soumya gets angry and misbehaves with Kiran when Satya doesn’t see her.

She makes sure that Satya doesn’t know about her anger. Satya comes back to Kiran. Soumya sees him in time and hugs Kiran. She threatens Kiran and asks her not to talk about Susheel again. Satya appears happy with Soumya. Leela gets happy for them. Susheel comes home to drop the dogs. Leela tries to insult Susheel again.

Susheel leaves the dogs inside the house. Susheel does her work and leaves. She gets hurt thinking about Satya and Soumya. Sarthi decides to train Susheel seeing her hard work and determination. She asks Susheel to be ready to become tough. She offers shelter to Susheel. She asks Susheel to completely obey her and execute the tasks given to her on time. Susheel accepts all her conditions and is determined to become a wrestler. Soumya decides to prepare pasta for Satya. Leela supports her. She agrees to change herself on Soumya’s saying. Susheel settles with Sarthi. She recalls the humiliation happened in Ajmera house. Susheel decides to forget her past and shape her present and future.

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