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Swabhimaan 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Nand Kishore asking Nirmala why did she go to office, and that too Paras and sons’ office. Nirmala says she went for puja…Dada ji says can’t she go anywhere with her wish freely. Nand kishore says what she wants to prove that she don’t care for her husband and asks if she will stand silently. Meghna comes and says papa please, don’t get upset with maa. It is matter about my office and asks him to ask her. Nand kishore says now I understood from where she is getting strength and wings Meghna tells that Maa came with her to office as she had some work, and then she dropped her for Puja. She asks her to as Mrs. Shrivastav. Nand kishore says I have to ask you also. He says you have become their mum. Meghna says she is our mum only. Nand kishore asks Nirmala if she knows that her daughter hide things from her and says if I make a call then many secrets will be revealed. He tells Dada ji that he has chosen her seeing her values and says you shall know the reality hidden beneath it. He tells that Meghna went to Bundi two days ago without telling anyone and asks if anyone know about this.

Sandhya says I didn’t know, but may be Naina know about it. Naina says Meghna told her that she went to Bundi. Nand kishore says it is clear that they think each other as family, and asks Nirmala not to be in misunderstanding. He says one bahu is making you research and other is taking you to office. Dada ji says you are doing tamasha as bahu went to Mayka to meet her mum. Nand kishore says no, it is not wrong, but her intention is wrong. Meghna says she went to meet her mum.

Nand kishore asks only for a meeting. Meghna says yes. Nand Kishore says you can lie so smoothly and asks about 25 lakhs rupees, and asks if you have taken money from Chauhan’s house. Kunal says you can’t talk to her like that, you are blaming my wife, means me. He says he won’t be quiet. Nand kishore says you are innocent and couldn’t identify a clever mind. He asks him to tell if he knows about this 25 lakh rupees. Kunal is silent. Nand Kishore asks Meghna to say. Meghna says I had taken 25 Lakhs rupees to Bundi, but haven’t taken it from Chauhan’s house, but from my office as loan. She tells that she tried to pay Sharda’s loan which she took for their marriage.

Nand Kishore says Paras and Son’s have given her loan as she is Chauhans bahu.. He insults Sharda. Meghna tells that their mamma is great and that she refused to take the papers or the money. Dada ji thinks about Sharda returning the money which he gave her. He laughs and tells that his informer gave him half info. He tells that he is proud of Sharda’s swabhimaan. He tells that Meghna is not wrong to think about her mum, but Sharda refused thinking about her sasural. He asks them to go and rest in room. Meghna and Naina go. Dada ji tells Nand Kishore why he blamed Sharda and says you are misunderstanding her. Nand kishore tells him that he might be wrong, but Sharda and CM came in a news together. Dada ji tells that he knows CM and Sharda also and says both are welcome in this house.

Meghna comes to room. Kunal is upset. Meghna says if he is much upset with her. Karan comes to Naina and gives her tissue paper. Naina asks why didn’t you tell anything. Kunal tells Meghna that he has accepted Sharda as his mum from his heart and asks why did you hide this from me. He says until when I have to prove this to you.


Swabhimaan 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Dada ji tells that a husband and wife take part in a competition. Nirmala says I wonder if Karan will take part. Naina says that Karan will take part. Sandhya talks to someone’s pic hidden behind the curtain and tells that she has made Karan’s life helpless and have written his destiny 25 years back.

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