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Swabhimaan 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Karan asking Naina how did you repair the gift and says sorry for not remembering that she is IIT topper and electronics engineer. Naina says I am fulfilling my duty, as you breaks the things, I have a role to fix it and we both are doing our part with honesty. Karan looks on.

Sharda thanks CM and says you was about to come in marriage, and says Dada ji was praising him. CM says even you are charming and graceful, and nobody can say that you are a mum of married daughters. He says I think you came to office that day. Sharda says yes, but couldn’t meet you. CM tells that he had a meeting with socialites and tells that it was important. He says it seems I have bored you with my talks and that’s why you are looking here and there. Sharda says nothing.

CM says it seems you have come to office for work and asks her to sit and talk. Sharda says I don’t want anyone or my family to have any problem. She praises Dada ji. He asks why do you want to meet me. Sharda tells that whatever happened during her daughters’ marriage, and asks him not to cancel the land due to that issue. She asks CM to give land to Chauhans as if he don’t sanctioned the land then project will not start then many bundi people will not get jobs. CM says even we know the news, and says we can forget the drama happened during marriage. He says you are honest and simple woman and says whatever happened during marriage because of Nand Kishore, I have cancelled the land for him so that he can know that he did work. He tells that Sujan Singh is nice man, but Nand Kishore is not a good man and bribes govt officer and threatens them.

He says Nand Kishore is not thinking about Bundi people betterment, but is thinking about his own betterment. He says I respects you a lot, Bundi is my electoral place and if your respect increases if I give this land to Nand Kishore then I will give. He says I will wait for your answer. Nand Kishore asks Meghna to set table for Sharda and CM. Meghna happily goes. He comes to them and asks them to have food. Sharda thinks may be Nand kishore ji is thinking that CM is giving land to me, and gets worried. CM sits with Dada ji to have dinner. Nand Kishore praises Sharda and asks her to sit on his chair to have dinner. Sharda says it is not needed. Meghna asks her to agree. Sharda sits on his chair. Nand Kishore tells that he wants to serve food to his samdhan. Sandhya and Nirmala are shocked. Sharda thinks what to tell Nand Kishore and CM. She says I will take food. Nirmala says lets see how he look while serving food. Everyone smiles. She says we are seeing his this avatar for first time.

Later Sharda tells Dada ji that she wants to talk to him about something. She returns the bag and says it is your blessings. She tells that bag was misplaced, but later found. She tells I got your blessings, when you met me in the temple and agreed for marriage. Dada ji says I have sent this money for your help, as I knew you have less time to manage money. He says you must have taken loan for marriage, and then also you are returning money. He says a person falls weak, but you never fell weak and you are my Guru. He says your swabhimaan is high up. Sharda smiles and returns his bag. CM comes to Sharda and gives his card, with his personal number. He asks her to call him whenever she wants and says I need to hear your decision.

Sharda says this is not needed, and says if you think that bundi people will be benefitted with this project then pass this project, but if you want to do this for my daughter’s happiness then don’t. Sandhya thinks what they are talking about. CM thinks there is something in her and gets impressed with her. Sharda tells that she is a Swabhimaani mum and not Swarthi maa. CM thinks you have made me bowled over by your honesty. He thanks her for the wonderful evening. Dada ji thanks CM. CM folds his hands and greets everyone.

Nand kishore says party was good and CM was looking happy. He says our bahus have worked for the party, and tells Sharda that he wants to take her to show the house. Everyone smiles. He takes her to lawn and says CM was very happy and smiling. He says when I saw him talking, I have understood that work is done. He asks when he will give land. Sharda says I talked to CM and he told reasons for not giving the land, but….He says he can give land for Meghna and Naina’s happiness. Nand Kishore says yes, I know you can do that and thanks her. Sharda says I have refused him. Nand kishore is shocked and breaks the things kept on the table. Sharda is shocked.


Swabhimaan 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sharda says we can’t be benefitted if we try to make someone work against his wish. Nand Kishore says enough and says I told you that land was necessary. Sharda says I can’t do it. Nand Kishore says you have done a big mistake by refusing the land. CM comes and hears everything. Meghna tells Nirmala that she will take food for Nand Kishore. She is taking food happily towards Nand Kishore’s room. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that CM likes horses and that’s why he sent a horse for him, but gave her much respect instead of keeping her in control.

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