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Swabhimaan 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina seeing jharoka in Sandhya’s room. Sandhya talks to Meghna and asks if she could find the person who tried to ruin Sharda’s image. Meghna says not yet and says I am sure that I will find that person with your help. Kunal comes. Sandhya sees her and starts acting assuring to help Meghna. Kunal gets glad and asks Sandhya to give him file. She says I will bring and goes to her room. Naina is about to see the jharoka like thing, when Sandhya comes and stops her. Naina tells her that Karan is not opening his door and that’s why she came to ask for her help. Sandhya asks if she is spying on her and tells that it is rather difficult to handle Karan, except me. She says you was lecturing me and now came to ask for my help. Naina thinks I can wait for him all day rather than taking your help. Sandhya shows her marriage pic with Karan and says you are married to him, but you are still stranger to him. She tells that Karan shares his feelings with her and not with Nirmala and says he is a paheli which she can solve only. Naina is shocked.

She asks her to come and says she wants to show her something. She shows her Karan’s pics and tells that before this pic was clicked, he fell badly and I convinced him to pose for pic. She says whenever he will try to face the world, he will fall down and that’s why I don’t want you to fill wrong things in his mind, and asks her not to worry as she is there for him. She says you are his wife, and my work is to save him and I will protect him from you. Naina hears her and thinks Karan is ready to face the world. Sandhya says you are the reason for his problem, I can’t help you. Once Naina goes, Sandhya closes her cupboard and thinks if Naina could have seen this then she would have told everyone, and have shaken up everyone. She says I have changed this house destiny for you and will not let anybody. She says I won’t let anybody reach you.

Nirmala thinks Karan and Naina haven’t come till now. Sandhya tells Naina that you have been waiting for them for breakfast. She then asks Meghna to take off from office today. Kunal thinks Meghna is strict about her office and says Sandhya is not habitual to hear no. Meghna agrees and thinks she agreed just to catch Nand Kishore. Naina comes and asks Nirmala not t o be sad. Sandhya thinks Nirmala was leaving without her son, but you gave her hope and now she is sad.

Sharda is waiting to meet CM. Principal says we have been waiting for long. Just then CM’s assistant asks them to come. Sharda tells that their school is in trouble because of his new project. CM tells that he can’t change his decision for her and tells that Govt. is shifting school to some other place. Sharda says kids will not come to school which is 20 kms away and tells that they refuse to shift the school and will fight for the children’s betterment. They walk out. CM looks on.

Kalpana calls Nirmala. Nand Kishore picks the call and says he understood hearing her. He asks what is the matter? Kalpana tells that Meghna promised to get job for her Mama in her company. Nand Kishore says this is wrong and tells that if they thought his company is small and promises to give job to Gopal in Bharat Industries. Sandhya tells Nand Kishore that it is not his cup of tea to work with you. Nand kishore says Gopal will be his mohra from bundi. Sandhya smiles.

Naina knocks on the door and asks Karan to open the door, says you haven’t opened door since yesterday. Karan is trying to make music. Naina says if you are stubborn, then I am not less. He thinks even kids don’t need me, nobody. Just then he hears mouth organ music and thinks he is getting mad. He thinks who is playing bad tune. Dada ji and Nirmala peep outside the window and see Naina playing the music. Dada ji smiles. Karan also sees Naina playing mouth organ and kids sitting with her. Naina tells kids that he will come and asks them to continue play the music.


Swabhimaan 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand kishore calls Sandhya and asks her to send 1 lakh rupees, tells about the accident which happened by him on the way. Sandhya calls someone and asks him to take the money. Meghna calls reporter and tells about the accident by the Industrialist.

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