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Swabhimaan 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Nirmala to agree for Sawri and Karan’s marriage. Nirmala refuses to accept her decision and says your decision is wrong and says you shall tell that we shall stop Sawri. She says a woman have to take kali’s avatar to defeat the enemies. Naina says if this truth is out then Meghna and Kunal’s relation will break from this house, and that’s why they have to stay silent. Nirmala asks her to think about Karan and says you are telling to get a wrong girl marry Karan and ruin his life. She says I have to fight for my truth and you have to fight for your husband. You have to give me strength and tell that we will fight together. She makes her have shagun bangles again and asks her never to take it off. Sandhya comes and hears them. Nirmala asks Naina to go.

Sandhya asks what did you do Nirmala and says I am handling the things and you have slapped that mad girl. Nirmala asks her not to teach her what to do and says I did a mistake once, don’t make me do mistake again. She says she is free from her burden and says you can handle Sawri, but nobody can snatch Naina’s rights from her. She talks about Naina’s rights, just then they see Meghna and Kunal hearing them. Kunal asks what happened mom, is everything alright. He asks Sandhya why she was shouting at his mom. Nirmala says Sandhya asked her to make sweets as he made wrong sweets. Meghna says Maa is unwell. Sandhya asks if you will teach me, and asks Kunal to come with her. Kunal says he will sit with her for sometime. Sandhya asks him to come. Nirmala says let him sit here with me. Kunal calls mom to Sandhya and says I know why you have given me to this family, because of greed, but you will not get your son….never. It turns out to be Sandhya’s imagination. She sees Kunal and Nirmala hugging each other and goes.

Karan comes to Sawri’s room and asks what you are doing? Sawri says she is eating laddoos. He asks what happened? Sawri says she cried when her mum asked her to stay away from his marriage. She emotionally blackmails him telling about her black complexion. Naina comes there. Karan asks Sawri to come and attend her wedding. Sawri says if Naina’s marriage gets eclipse because of me. Karan says if you don’t come then I will not go.

Sharda gives saree to Asha. Asha says she will not agree until Sujan Singh apologizes to her. Sharda says she can’t ask him to apologize and asks her to understand her helplessness. Vishnu comes and asks Asha to stop her childishness. Asha cries and tells that nobody will eat the bhoj today.

Naina comes downstairs for the bhoj. Sawri sees her and touches Karan. Dada ji asks Nirmala if the gifts are ready. Nirmala says yes. Nand Kishore taunts Sharda and tells that groom’s family don’t have the chance to get welcomed by bride’s family. Dada ji asks him why he wants gifts or welcome, and says what is important is values. Nand Kishore says for you, sanskar’s ganga starts from bundi and ends there itself. Meghna greets her family and asks about Asha. Naina asks if everything is fine and goes to talk to Asha. She tells Asha that if her mami don’t come for bhoj then she would be upset that she don’t come. Asha claps and says your mum said same things. She acted for sometime and then went there. Naina says she didn’t send me and asks her to agree and come. Asha says the matter is about my Swabhimaan, I will not agree again and asks her to go.

Dada ji asks Sharda about Asha. Vishal says she is unwell. Meghna is about to tell Dada ji that she is upset, but before she could say, Dada ji tells that he will go and invite her with respect. Nand Kishore thinks she is a bad woman. Sharda thinks if Asha tells him everything then Karan and Naina’s marriage might have problems.


Swabhimaan 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sawri comes and sits beside Karan on Naina’s place. Pushpa acts and asks her to get up. Karan asks Naina to sit at other place and asks Sawri to sit beside him. Sandhya covers shagun chunari to Sawri. Sawri says she will marry Karan only. She tries to trap Karan and makes him fall on her.