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Swabhimaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

The Episode starts with Meghna asking Kunal about his answer. Kunal says this is all time waste and I don’t want to waste my time. Meghna says we will look good together as you are handsome and I am also okay. She says dance is fun and the competition will be good. Kunal says how can relations are judged with photo shoot. Meghna tells that she loves him very much and don’t know how to express her love. She says Sharda is more to her and asks him to see her from her perspective. Kunal says how to see from your view as you have kept it hidden from me. He says today Sharda Maa is coming and I am going to receive her. He says I have a relation with her. Meghna thinks you have cute relation with naina also and thinks to convince Kunal while photoshoot.

Karan tells Naina that he is coming for the competition. Naina gets happy and tells that first round is photo shoot. Karan says just now my friend told that she will help me. She says we shall try some poses and pose with him. She thinks it is a start.

Sharda meets CM and tells him just as he knows what media joke about them, and asks him to read the article which Shweta wrote. CM tells that he has lost his identity and does poetry. He tells that people read gossip and nobody is interested to know the truth that press conference was stopped as Shweta’s earring was lost. He tells that he will call press conference soon, and will clear the misunderstanding. CM agrees to read the article which Shweta wrote and says he don’t care what media thinks about him.

Meghna talks to the photographer Jatin and tells that she wants a cute and romantic look. She thinks she will surprise and convince Kunal in style. She hears Sandhya asking servant to help the photographer. Meghna thinks with whom she is talking to. Sandhya introduces them to Photographer Terence and says he is the best. Kunal says he has no doubt on her choice. Sharda tells CM that she is also in the pic and says she is answerable to her brother and Bhabhi and also to her daughter’s inlaws. She says they are simple people and have earned respect only. CM apologizes to her and reads the article written by Shweta. He asks her to write about Vishal’s hospital. Sharda says your name shall also be written. CM says he is searching his identity.

Meghna tells Naina that Sandhya knows everything and they don’t know anything. She takes out her anger. Naina asks her to see from Sandhya’s perspective and asks her to let her do a she wants. Meghna says she has prepared for this photo shoot and says don’t know how to convince Kunal now. Naina assures that everything will be fine and thinks she has to find out about Sandhya’s motives.

Kunal and Meghna begin the photo shoot. Sandhya asks meghna to smile less and asks Kunal to smile more. Meghna thinks how to convince Kunal. Meghna holds Kunal romantically. Sandhya tells her that these forced romantic poses are looking cheap and asks her to pose as she says. Karan and Naina pose together. They wear prince and princess tag. Swabhimaan song plays…Sandhya asks Karan to stand close to Naina. She says romance is not showing and asks for his suggestion, before Terence could speak, Sandhya says Karan will not put his hand around her shoulder. Sharda slips while walking. CM holds her. A photographer clicks their pic. Sharda thanks CM. Solanki is seen in disguise of a photographer and says now he will take revenge for the insult.


Swabhimaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Karan tells Nirmala that he don’t want to participate in the contest. Nirmala tells Naina that Karan don’t want to participate. Naina says Karan will surely participate. Karan thinks to have mirchi and get allergic to skip participating in the contest. Naina comes and tries to provoke him to take part.

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