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Swabhimaan 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya coming to Meghna and tells that she is going out for some days. She asks her to take care of family and says she understands her worry. Meghna says she is not against Karan, but is worried for Naina. Sandhya says she will always support her and goes. Asha and Kalpana talk about Sharda getting Nand Kishore talk in midnight and says surely Meghna must have done something. Sharda says nothing must have happened as my daughters have everyone’s values. Vishnu says Gopal is coming to pick you. Gopal comes and tells that he doesn’t know why Sharda is called there and asks her to come. Kalpana asks him to have food. He says he is not in a mood to have food. Sandhya tells Nirmala that she is going to Chittorgarh and asks her to manage home. Nirmala says how I will manage alone.

Sandhya says you will and thinks I have been doing this to hide secret. She stops car seeing karan with flowers and thinks to trouble him. She says she knows that Naina is staying separately from him and says these things don’t hide for longer. She tells that whatever Meghna is doing is wrong. Karan says whatever she is doing is right. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala about Dada ji. Nirmala says he went to NGO. Nand Kishore waits for Sharda and tells Nirmala that she is coming. Nirmala asks if she has so work today. Nand Kishore says I will leave my work and sit with you to answer. He says Sharda is our samdhan and I called her to meet us. Nirmala goes to get tea.

Sharda comes to Chauhan’s house. Nand Kishore welcomes her and asks what do you want to have. Sharda says nothing and asks about Nirmala. Nand Kishore says she will come. He says your sanskars have impressed me and says your daughters have all the qualities to bind the house together. He says our start was not good, but whatever Bau ji told about your Swabhimaan etc was all right. Nirmala comes and greets her. Sharda gives her sweets. Nirmala asks how much spoons of sugar you will take? Nand Kishore says he will make tea for her. Sharda recalls Nand Kishore treating her nicely and then insulting her badly. Naina and Meghna get happy seeing her and thinks who called her here. Nand Kishore says your daughters respect you a lot and asks Sharda to rest for sometime. He asks Gopal to stay and says he will take Sharda to guest room. Meghna gets worried and thinks Kunal is in the room.

Nand Kishore sees clothes in guest room and says don’t know who is staying here. He asks Meghna why she is looking tensed and asks why didn’t you stop her when I was bringing her here. He says you knew who is staying here and whose clothes is this? He says your elder daughter will tell us who is staying here and why?


Swabhimaan 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand Kishore informs Sharda that her daughter are not staying with their respective husbands. Meghna confirms his saying. Sharda slaps her. Nand Kishore asks Sharda to take both of her daughter back to Bundi. Sharda is shocked.