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Swabhimaan 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina telling Karan that she couldn’t refuse when Nand Kishore asked her to give gift to Sharda. She says she is trying to maintain and balance her relations and responsibilities. Karan looks on. Naina questions him if he is trying to balance. She says she couldn’t become a perfect bahu and wife. Asha asks Kalpana not to put oil on everyone’s paratha. They give phulka to Kunal and ghee roti to Karan. Naina says you forgot to add ghee to jiju’s roti and puts ghee on Kunal’s phulka. Kunal says he is not eating ghee else will become fat. Naina says you will not get fat. Karan says he also wants to take Phulka. Kunal says shall I become fat alone and asks him to have roti. Naina gets a call and goes. Asha and Kalpana come to Karan.

They give halwa to Karan and asks him to take water. Kunal tries to ask her to give halwa, but they ignore him. Meghna comes and sees Kunal’s insult. She asks Kunal to get up and says it is enough. She asks Kunal why he is bearing everything. She calls Sharda and tells her that since they came here,

Kalpana and Asha have been insulting Kunal and comparing him with Karan and trying to lower him. She says Kalpana have a problem to give him ghee paratha and Asha has a problem to give him halwa. She says what is the use of his goodness when nobody can see it. Sharda apologizes to Kunal. Kunal says it is ok. Meghna says she came here to celebrate her birthday, and was silent at her inlaws home, but she couldn’t bear at her own house. Vishnu scolds Asha for her cheap thinking. Meghna says one brother is raja and other is poor now. They can’t stay together. She holds Kunal’s hand and asks him to come. Naina and Karan come infront of them and fold their hands. Meghna asks them to move from their way. Naina says you can’t go from here angrily and says this thing will widened the distance between us. Meghna says you said this when we are already far from each other.

Sharda comes and tells Meghna that she is right on her place doing wife’s duty. Meghna says she has to leave. Sharda asks if she will leave her on her birthday. Kunal tells Meghna that he is not feeling bad about anything, and tells that he has lost his one family and don’t want to lose another. Meghna agrees and hugs Sharda. Naina also hugs her. Sawri thinks they have got back together, I will separate them.

Asha asks Kalpana to come. Naina asks Asha and Kalpana to apologized to Kunal. Kunal says it is ok. Naina says you are my family and nobody can’t insult you. Vishnu asks them to apologize. Asha and Kalpana apologize to him. Kunal says its ok. He asks Naina and Meghna if they used to make something for Sharda’s birthday or they just made stories. Naina says they will make cake for her which they used to make in childhood. Meghna looks on.


Swabhimaan 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna, Naina, Kunal, Karan, Vishal and others sing and celebrate Sharda’s birthday. Later Vishal and Khyati are about to kiss each other when someone sees them.

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