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Swabhimaan 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

The Episode starts with Kunal pushing the car. Meghna laughs and gives him tissue to wipe his sweat. Kunal says this plan is quite adventurous. Meghna says adventure have just begin. Kunal asks where you are taking me? He says I am seeing a wife taking her husband far away. Meghna thinks there will be a drama when they will not be there for Kul Devta’s puja. Naina cries and thinks what to do when Karan is not accepting their relation. She opens her suitcase and finds the letter left by Sharda. Sharda asks her to walk on the path and accept that Karan is her husband. She asks her to make place in the house, and says I had nothing to give you, but these masalas. She asks her to win everyone’s heart. Naina thanks her and says I have understood what you wants to say. Karan goes out and sleep. Naina looks at him. She goes there and covers him with blanket. She says whatever your truth us….my truth is we are married now, you can fulfill our relation with hatred, but I will fulfill my responsibility with honesty.

Meghna and Kunal go somewhere and get closer. Oh Piya plays…….Meghna is awake and sees Kunal sleeping on grass. She thinks she shall let him sleep and thinks this place is 1 hours 30 mins far from there and we will not reach on time. Naina gets ready for the puja and thinks how to wake up Karan. She thinks if I touch him, then he will get angry. She tries to whisper in his ears and bends down….Karan turns and the water from the pot falls on his face. He wakes up and says I thought you will not come to me again. Naina says I was trying to wake you up for Puja. Karan asks her to call him next time if she wants to say anything. Naina and Karan argue. He goes.

Dada ji comes and sees Naina doing tulsi plant puja. He asks for prasad and says I have understood that Sharda also does tulsi puja daily. A fb is shown, Sharda telling Naina to do puja daily for happiness in the house. Nirmala comes. Dada ji tells her that she can go on a holiday now as her bahus will take care of her house and wealth now. Naina checks the time and says I hope she has woken up. Khyati tells Karan that Naina moved the curtains from the windows and says she will scold her. Karan asks her not to do anything, and says he will make arrangements for her to leave. Meghna wakes up Kunal. Kunal wakes up and tells Meghna that it is 7 am, Nand kishore and Sandhya will scold them. Nand Kishore asks Sandhya where is their elder sanskari bahu, and says this puja is for her also, and she doesn’t care.

Naina wishes him good morning and tries to touch his feet. He moves away. Sandhya says I told her to be present by 7 am. Dada ji comes. Nand Kishore asks khyati to come and check what is happening. Khyati goes to Kunal and Meghna’s room and knocks on the door. She then opens the door and finds the room decorated still. In the car, Meghna apologizes to Kunal for driving in stress as they get late for the puja. Kunal says I know the kul devta’s puja importance and tells about it. Meghna thinks she will change all the rules now.

Khyati comes back and says they are not in the room, garden and storeroom. She says infact Kunal is also not here. Everyone is shocked. Sandhya asks Naina if she knows where is Meghna? Guard comes and says even Kunal’s car is missing from garage. Nand kishore says this girl is doing what she wants. Khyati says she tried calling Kunal, but phone is unreachable. Naina calls Meghna. Sandhya says Meghna is careless on the first day itself. Nand Kishore says she is very mannerless, I have seen this since sangeet. Dada ji says I have heard enough of Meghna and says even Kunal is missing from here. He says Meghna doesn’t know about this puja’s importance, but Kunal knows it. Pandit ji says it should be done at right time and right moment. Naina says can we wait for 5 mins more, and says she will come surely. Dada ji says there will be no use to wait now, and says puja will happen at right time. He says as Meghna and Kunal are not here, so our choti bahu rani Naina will do this puja. Naina looks on.

Swabhimaan 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kunal and Meghna returns home. Sandhya asks Meghna, if she has a watch or not and says I told you about the importance of Kul Devta’s puja. Later Sandhya asks Meghna not to do any mistake for their first rasoi. Meghna burns something purposely.

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