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Swabhimaan 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Nand Kishore asking what did you say? Sharda says I didn’t want charity for my daughters. Nand Kishore asks what are you saying? He says it was for our business. Sharda says CM told some reasons to cancel the land deal. CM comes there. Nand Kishore asks why will CM gives you reasons and asks what did he say? Sharda says that reasons, I can’t tell you now. Nand Kishore asks her to stop talking and says you just knows how to ruin your daughters’ happiness. Meghna tells Naina that when Nand Kishore said those words that he will serve food to his samdhan then her anger is gone. She says I will give love and happiness to this family. Sharda says she wants betterment for his family. Nand Kishore says you have done a big mistake by refusing the land. Nand Kishore sees CM there and asks did you forget something. CM says I forgot the gift which you people had given with much love. Nand Kishore says I will bring your gift. CM thinks it will be not good for Sharda to stay here. He tells that he is going to Bundi and offers Sharda to drop her home. Dada ji asks Sharda to go. Sharda thanks Dada ji and hugs her daughters. Kunal and Karan touches her feet. Sharda leaves with CM.

Meghna tells Nirmala that she will take Nand Kishore’s food to his room. Sandhya asks Nand Kishore what happened? Nand Kishore says that woman…Sharda ji have decided that she will not let us prosper. She says she has sacrificed our happiness and project for her Swabhimaan. CM agreed to give land, but she refused. Meghna is bring food tray and thinks to accept Nand Kishore as her father in law. Nand Kishore says he had made Sharda sit on his head and served her food also. He says CM likes horse and pampers Sharda, the horse and told her that she has to convince CM for the land. Meghna and Karan hear him. Nand Kishore says our horse made us lose, and tells that they would have to hit her and control her. Meghna cries and keeps the food plate on the table. Sandhya scolds Meghna and says you can’t do any work properly. Meghna starts to go. Sandhya says you are now misbehaving with your sasur, did Sharda teach you this. Nirmala comes. Sandhya thinks if she heard what Nand Kishore said. Nirmala says she is tired and plate must have fallen from her hand. She asks her to go. Sandhya says but…..Nirmala asks her to go and rest. Meghna looks at Nand Kishore and thinks about his words for her mum. Sandhya tells Nirmala that she was doing drama and staring at us. Nirmala says why she will stare and asks Nand Kishore to have food. Nand Kishore refuses. Sandhya tells Nirmala that she will settle the matter with Meghna now itself.

Meghna talks to God’s idol and asks if you will give me vivek. Sandhya comes to Meghna and says your misbehavior can be tolerated in your mum’s house and not here. Nirmala comes and says she didn’t do it intentionally. Sandhya says she is looking angry and says we have given you job, promotion and parties and says her misbehavior will not to be tolerated. She has to come with her now itself and shall apologize to Nand Kishore. Meghna holds her hand.


Swabhimaan 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina asks Meghna to apologize to Nand Kishore. Meghna asks her not to tell her what is right or wrong, and reminds that she is younger than her. Later she promises to Goddess that she will protect every mother’s respect.

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